Hong Kong unis roll out schemes for students unable to go abroad

Places are opening at the University of Hong Kong for local residents who “have already received an acceptance letter to undertake an undergraduate degree program from the overseas university”, and meet the HKU’s admission requirements.

“During their studies, visiting students can enjoy the same status as other undergraduate students at HKU,” explained Ian Holliday, vice-president and pro-vice-chancellor (teaching and learning) of HKU, which recently launched the 2020 Visiting Student Scheme.

“Visiting students can enjoy the same status as other undergraduate students at HKU”

“This includes academic support, medical services and use of university facilities such as libraries and sports complexes. After successfully completing the first semester, students can apply for academic transcripts issued by HKU,” he continued.

“They can then transfer academic credit to their overseas university and continue their studies there. We welcome all eligible students and hope that this will provide some support for those who are unable to study overseas.”

They will be charged fees equivalent to that of HKU’s own students.

City University Hong Kong has also introduced similar measures that will also accommodate students currently enrolled in study at “renowned overseas universities”.

“The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges and rapid changes in its social, economic and public health situation,” said CityU president Way Kuo.

“Amid the challenges, CityU continues to commit to nurturing and developing student’s talents and we do our best to help those whose study plans are adversely affected by the pandemic.”

Before Covid-19, also 40,000 Hong Kong students were studying abroad, with the largest numbers in the UK, Australia, US and Canada. Those in Australia have recently been offered a path to residency following the controversial passing of Hong Kong’s National Security Law.

The city is currently going through a second wave of infections that has led to the reintroduction of strict prevention measures.

Singapore has also been making arrangements to accommodate more students than usual, with the Ministry of Education making an additional 2,000 university places available for the next academic year.

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