The joy of being a parent is watching your child learn and grow. But the early years are when children learn the most, and they need to be in an environment that can enrich their minds, like an early learning centre. When you’re searching for private school early learning centres in Melbourne, you need to select a centre that not only provides a nurturing environment, but can also offer a quality education as well. There are many advantages to placing your kids in an early learning centre. However, it’s important to remember it’s not just a daycare – an early learning centre offers much more than that. Here are just some of the ways an excellent early learning centre can encourage learning from an early age.

Structured Classroom Setting

For the first time, your child will learn what a structured setting is like. Learning centres teach children how to listen to a teacher, when to listen, when not to talk, and so on. This is where they learn the etiquette of asking questions and following instructions.

Sitting in a classroom setting also allows your child to understand the notion of space. Each child has his or her own space within that setting. Each child also has his or her own possessions. Within this structured space, children will learn to ask instead of taking freely.


Interaction with Others

Learning emotional intelligence at an early age is important. It’s a big part of succeeding in the job market, which is why it’s vital to instil it into your child early. At a learning centre, your child will learn how to share, how to interact nicely with other kids, how to keep anger and frustration in check, and how to accurately read the emotions of others, both adults and children. Being surrounded by other kids on a daily basis will also teach your child empathy. Important emotional intelligence cues that your child will learn when interacting with others include:

  • Learning to apologise
  • Learning to identify feelings
  • Controlling temper tantrums
  • Being honest
  • Helping others


Development of Math and Language Skills

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to teach the fundamentals of math and English to your child, an early learning centre is recommended. When searching for private school early learning centres in Melbourne, find ones that place an emphasis on cognitive, math, reading and language skills. It’s important that your child starts learning the alphabet and basic math as well as how to reason. The fun part is that these skills are often taught through games. There will be matching games, counting games and alphabet songs. If taught in a fun way, your child will absorb these new skills like a sponge.


Encourages Curiosity

The best tool an early learning centre can give your child is the desire to learn more. A learning centre’s job is to open up the door to a world of knowledge and to encourage your child to step through. As every adult knows, learning is a life-long process. At an early learning centre, children get to play make believe with everything they learn and are encouraged to ask questions and explore.