How Do You Become A Substitute Teacher In the US?

A substitute teacher

Being a substitute teacher can be a wonderful full- or part-time profession if you enjoy working with children and have flexible scheduling needs. Hundreds of certified educators in the United States are absent on any given school day. Therefore, it is not uncommon for districts to run short on replacement instructors. Read on to learn how to become a substitute teacher in the US.

Step 1— Learn about the Credentials to Be A Substitute Teacher

Substitute instructors’ educational prerequisites change from one jurisdiction to the next. Find out what level of education your state requires of its replacement instructors. The application process to become a substitute teacher in a given school district is sometimes streamlined for those who already possess the necessary credentials to teach in that district full-time.

A bachelor’s degree is typically required in states where teacher certification is not required. A bachelor’s degree is required, but it need not be in education or pedagogy specifically. However, having such a degree is advantageous when filling in as a substitute teacher. In any case, you will need an educational credential evaluation to ensure eligibility.

In some states you can work as a substitute teacher with a high school diploma or equivalent. Substitute teacher certification and licensing standards can be accessed online state-by-state. To prove your fitness for the classroom in some areas, like New York State, you must additionally pass a state teaching exam.

Step 2 – Know Your Responsibilities

It’s important to understand your responsibilities as a substitute teacher. If you are hired as a substitute teacher, you must fill in for absent full-time educators as best you can. You may have to prepare lessons, teach the topic to the pupils, and keep the classroom under control so that the kids don’t act like they’re completely unsupervised. In addition to teaching, you might also be responsible for administrative duties and ensuring the students are safe.

Step 3 – Find out Regular Pay

Once you have figured out the credentials to be a substitute teacher, consider the standard pay offered to substitute teachers. Depending on the state in which they work, substitute teachers can earn decent salaries. The pay for substitute teachers is on a per diem basis. Remember that while subcontractors may be hired on contracts at set day rates, they may not be eligible for full employee benefits packages.

Step 4 – Apply for the Job

Get in touch with the central office of your neighborhood’s educational system. You should visit the district’s office with a copy of your official transcripts and documentation that you have completed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The application cannot be processed without these materials.

Without four-year college graduation, please bring proof of completing a secondary education program. The application is quite easy to complete, requiring only personal details and academic history. The school district will verify your criminal history to make sure you have not been convicted of any crimes against children. An application fee, often between $50 and $100, may be required.

Step 5 – Contact the Schools

A nomination from a local school principal is necessary for some jurisdictions like New York. Your principal will nominate you as a substitute teacher via an electronic system. After your online nomination has been accepted, a confirmation email with further instructions will be sent to you.

After that, there may be further steps, such as getting your fingerprints taken for a background check, that need to be completed. It’s imperative that you finish the application. Complete the school district’s employment application and attach any relevant paperwork. The application can be submitted either in person at the school district office or online.

It’s common practice to highlight relevant experience and expertise as part of a job application. Make a note if you have experience working with kids and teaching them, whether it is in a formal classroom setting, as a mentor to younger students, or in a more informal setting like a summer camp. If you have any relevant experience in the field, such as writing for an English class or working in the business world as a math major, be sure to include it.

Step 6 – Join a Union

Join a union and get a better deal. Substitute teachers are unionized in the same way that full-time educators are. You should know who your union representative is and sign a contract before beginning to substitute. As a replacement worker, it is your job to familiarize yourself with the union’s rules and your contract’s terms.

Different unions and contracts for teachers exist in different states. To ensure that you are fully aware of your rights under the terms of your contract, you should consult with your union representative. It’s important to make sure your salary is competitive with the going rate for substitute teachers in your state. Noting if your salary is affected by your lack of teacher certification is important as well, as you may be paid less if you do not hold a valid teaching credential.

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