We are ready for physical contacts with students when…— ASUU

Anyone that grew up in a typical Nigerian home will know that a strike by ASUU could make students experience instances like: “Please watch out for the rain to help us with the clothes on the line”; “Come over here, go and give Mama Tunde this thing for me. Tell her we would see later in the day”.

These kinds of situations among others like constantly counting the ceilings of their rooms are some of the things Nigerian students are tired of. Not to mention students that are angry they can’t run their parents ‘levels’ since there is no more need for departmental fee payment at present.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, in December 2020 agreed to call off its industrial action after more than 9 months.

The Union was in loggerhead with the Federal Government over the latter’s failure to honour a 2009 agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Students whose hope have been heightened after the good news have continued to react to a purported development that the union might call off resumption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reacting to the purported opposition by ASUU to resumption, a Twitter user, 𝐌𝕆𝐇𝐍𝐈𝐂𝐄 [@Mohnice_] posted; “Dear ASUU and FG, The Students should not be like a prey or bait that you would use to get whatever you want….. Enough of this Joke.”

Another frustrated student with username, Badboi Royz [@_iamnaheem] posted; “It’s official this ASUU and FG are playing with our intelligence… They are are toying with the future of our generation!”

Pastry Chef [@Delibakes_] on his part said; “When the gods of the land wants to punish you, they use ASUU to frustrate your life.”

Employers age-limit

A new trend of age-limit by employers who now prefer young graduates to other folks referred by a user, Alex Oluwatobi [@alexlobaloba]; “After spending 3years in one level due to ASUU strike, employers will still put age-limit for recruitment.”

Another user, @Obarooooo, jokingly commented “ASUU don turn class of 2019/2020 to class of 2019/inshallah”

ZATARRA [@zatarra__] commented;  “ASUU no dey after money again they just want to frustrate students, imagine being in 400 level for two years… Wetin be our crime?”

‘ASUU general market’

A user with the username, Mr. Catfish [@_Agbeloba] compared the Nigerian university system and the role of the stakeholders to the game of WHOT.

According to him; “If u plan on using 5years in the University, federal government will add two or three years and ASUU will crown it up with a general market. Nigeria my country.”

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