How to Record Screencasts on Chromebooks Without Extensions

A few of days back Google declared some new Chromebook features for teachers and students. 1 of individuals features is a new screencast recording tool that is designed into the most up-to-date variation of Chrome OS. 

The new screencast recording tool designed into Chromebook OS gets rid of the require to use 3rd-party extensions like Screencastify or Loom to record a screencast video clip on your Chromebook. You can document all of your display screen or part of your monitor. If you like to include things like your webcam in screencasts, you can do that with the built-in recorder in the most current model of Chrome OS. The recorder consists of some helpful equipment for drawing on your display screen even though recording. You can 

When you generate a screencast using the constructed-in recorder on your Chromebook the recording is immediately saved to your Google Travel account. The moment the recording is saved you can share it significantly like you would share any other file in your Google Drive account. 

Automated Transcription! Most likely the ideal aspect of the new screencast recorder in Chrome OS is that it immediately generates a written transcript of your video clip. You can edit the transcript if you come across some inaccuracies in it. 

Check out my new video to study how you can record screencasts on your Chromebook without the need of utilizing any third-celebration extensions. out?v=WVm60mlAQZ0

Significant! Update your Chromebook to the newest variation of Chrome OS to obtain the new screencasting instrument to history a screencast on your Chromebook

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