Hybrid CPD is the future for staff, says ISC

The Recruitment and CPD in international schools report conducted research with international schools, recruiters, and CPD providers to explore the area as a whole.

International schools are recruiting earlier in the school year and “offering incentives for contract extensions”

According to the paper, hybrid CPD – due to a number of factors including the pandemic and the flexibility offered – will be the most popular in the future, “combining opportunities for face-to-face interactions with flexible access to learning content that is delivered via virtual learning environments”.

Some 76% of international schools responded to the surveys conducted that their offer of CPD is “important to recruiting and retaining staff”, and that 66% plan to develop skills of their staff in the use of education technology over the coming years due to its importance in modern day learning.

“CPD is now recognised as a crucial element of attracting and retaining educators and, with the increased access to quality, rigorous online and hybrid CPD solutions by a range of providers, this is an offering all international schools regardless of their location can now offer,” said Ashley Kirk, sales director at ISC Research.

When it came to recruitment, the report found that international schools are recruiting earlier in the school year and “offering incentives for contract extensions”; virtual recruitment was also paramount to uptake in the wake of the pandemic.

Processes to recruit are also becoming more innovative, to be able to expand the talent pool and make it more diverse. New recruitment pathways are also being created – examples include “training teachers on the job” and “developing local teaching staff”.

Notably, some schools were focusing more heavily of retaining staff rather than recruitment in the age of Covid.

The schools are, according to the report, “emphasising professional learning to develop their faculty”, and thus encouraging staff to stay on.

“Recruitment within the sector is shifting considerably”

To encourage that retention, CPD is being “adaped to better match staff needs and to support their wellbeing”.

“Recruitment within the sector is shifting considerably because of the huge need for teachers but also because of the recognition by many international schools to respond to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice within recruitment practices,” said Kirk.

“[The report] highlights significant change happening within the market, some of which was happening in small scale prior to Covid, but has escalated as a result of the pandemic.”

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