IALC & Edvisor launch agency Virtual Roadshows

Agents will be able to join Virtual Roadshows hosted by IALC and Edvisor and connect with IALC-accredited member schools in over 100 destinations.

“Agents and IALC schools will be able to realise significant cost savings through this partnership”

IALC and Edvisor will begin this series working with Turkey agency association UED on July 29 and will then host further Virtual Roadshows in Colombia and in Mexico in August.

Robin Adams, president of IALC and CES North America said that working with Edvisor will present “cost-efficient B2B meetings”.

“These networking opportunities will allow quality, screened agents to meet with our IALC accredited schools, and explore how they can work together in the challenging months ahead,” he noted.

Adams said agents and schools will also have an opportunity to learn more about the Edvisor system, and that it has never been more important for agents and schools to look at the administrative processes of the language industry.

“Efficiency is definitely a driving theme behind these Virtual Roadshows, and I am confident that both agents and IALC schools will be able to realise significant cost savings through this effective partnership,” he added.

Nicolas Miller, CEO at Edvisor added that IALC and Edvisor have been collaborating for over three years and the Virtual Roadshows represent an exciting new chapter in the partnership.

“We are thrilled to welcome IALC schools and agents to these virtual events as we further our shared objective of streamlining the school-agency collaboration and making international education more accessible to students everywhere.”

Further Virtual Roadshow destinations will be announced in the coming weeks.

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