IEC Abroad launches AI application platform Edvoy

Created by education consultants IEC Abroad, Edvoy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify the application process by allowing students to apply to multiple universities in the UK, Canada, the US and Ireland, in one place.

“Our platform helps connect prospective students with education providers all across the world”

Real-life and artificial advisors will help students to research course and scholarship options, apply and arrange students’ right to study in the destination country.

Additional support is also available for accommodation, medical insurance and arrival at university.

“Launching Edvoy has been a pinnacle moment in my ambition to simplify the world of education through technology,” founder and CEO, Sadiq Basha said.

“Our streamlined platform helps connect prospective students with education providers all across the world. It is our opinion that no matter where you live, and where you want to study, world-class overseas education is something everybody should have access to.”

The company is continuing to work closely with universities around the globe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, while also building key relationships with universities and colleges in Canada, the US and Ireland.

Edvoy’s objective is “to build a culture of innovation to deliver a world-class digital experience to customers in the education technology domain”, CTO Syed Shabir added.

IEC Abroad, which Basha established in 2007, focused on placing students into UK institutions. However, Edvoy will begin by placing students universities and colleges in four destination countries.

Basha is also CEO and founder of English language provider New College Group, which expanded to Ireland in 2017.

Edvoy is planning on adding Australia and more European options before launching in more continents in the future as well as expanding its sourcing countries for students to markets including in Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

Since 2007 IEC Abroad has placed over 20,000 international students worldwide with help from its 100+ education consultants in seven countries.

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