IHEA adds professional development courses

As the peak body that represents the majority of Australia’s registered and accredited independent higher education providers, IHEA members educate domestic and international students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In announcing the partnership, IHEA CEO Simon Finn said its diverse membership base – which includes large independent universities, colleges, business schools, niche providers and professional associations with for-profit and not-for-profit business models – will all benefit from what OneHE brings to the table.

“Through this partnership with OneHE, IHEA members will have access to a global network of experts delivering practical and engaging short courses online and on demand, ensuring providers can continue to provide the highest quality teaching and learning.

“Our members will also be excited by the opportunity for their academics and educators to connect and collaborate with peers globally, developing shared understanding about how to achieve the best outcomes for students.”

Finn believes the partnership will strengthen IHEA members already solid reputation for excellence, and could not come at a more opportune time.

“Independent higher education providers are the highest rated Australian providers in student quality surveys for overall quality, skills development, student support and learner engagement,” he said.

The partnership “will continue to grow IHEA members’ reputation for excellence through ongoing professional development and active engagement with best practice pedagogy from around the world”.

“The partnership commences at a critical time as we look towards a post-covid higher education environment,” he continued.

“The partnership commences at a critical time as we look towards a post-covid higher education environment”

“Connection across educational jurisdictions and exchange of best practice will be essential to ensuring the sector continues to thrive.”

Speaking on the new partnership, Olivia Fleming, OneHE co-founder and director of Partnerships, said the partnership will support educators at IHEA members “to apply evidence-based approaches from our experts in their everyday practice for their benefit of their students”.

The Australian independent higher education sector comprises more than 130,000 students and 120 institutions. Some 10% of higher education students choose an independent provider, and enrolments in the independent sector are outpacing public universities.

Admission to membership is conditional on agreement with IHEA’s Code of Good Practice built on regulatory compliance, strong governance, ethical business models, quality teaching, and student engagement. All members are registered and accredited with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency – the Australian government’s regulator of all universities and higher education providers.

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