IHWO launches IH Teach English service for prospective ELT teachers

IH Teach English offers students initial teacher training and professional development course options, as well as helping them to find teaching jobs and continued development during their teaching careers.

Since its launch in January, 37 International House schools in 18 countries have signed up to offer the courses through IH Teach English.

“Our mission is to help teachers at every step of their career feel part of a much bigger community”

“Teacher training has always been at the core of what we do, and this website was designed to reflect this,” Beccy Wigglesworth director Member Services and Client Experience at IHWO said.

In 1962, IH founders developed the IH Certificate in Teaching English – a course that became a standard for language teachers and formed the basis of what is now the CELTA, according to the company.

“We have a fantastic network of teachers around the world who have a wealth of experience living with a TEFL career, so there are contributions on this site about what it’s like to work in different destinations, how to approach the classroom, and advice on how to progress your career,” Wigglesworth added.

Prospective English language teachers can use IH Teach English to search for CELTA courses offered by IH schools. According to the provider, all information can be found in one platform where trainees can easily compare types of courses, destinations, and prices.

“Our mission is to help teachers at every step of their career feel part of a much bigger community which IH stands for,” said Giuliana Faldetta, Brand Engagement and Marketing coordinator at IHWO.

“A teacher who feels supported will glow and this transforms in having great lessons and very happy students.”

Professional development courses the new service offers include skills specialising in young learners, academic management, and business English.

Those who book a course through IH Teach English can also benefit from free grammar course, discount on books and CV and careers advice.

A bank of teaching resources created by IH teachers can also be accessed.


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