Immerse VR platform wins EdTech Breakthrough Award

The US-based virtual reality English language teaching platform supports language schools by helping them offer “more meaningful and effective” language learning experiences using VR.

“Language learners need opportunities to fully immerse in a language”

The EdTech Breakthrough Awards search for innovative solutions that solve a complex problem, address a gap in the edtech industry, or revolutionise the market. 

Immerse said that the award shows that VR, with its potential to deliver meaningful and engaging experiences, is considered to be an effective new medium for education by industry insiders. 

“Our global team of language education experts, VR developers and designers are passionate about helping language schools thrive,” said Quinn Taber, Immerse founder and CEO. 

Taber said that current online learning and communications tools do not facilitate the engaging, collaborative working environments that are necessary for student centred learning.

“Our dream is to use VR to give educators the power to bring these core aspects of language learning back into their teaching practice,” Taber said. 

Head of learning and efficacy at Immerse Sara Davila added that winning an award at EdTech Breakthrough was a “fantastic endorsement” of the company’s research-based, pedagogical approach to virtual reality teaching and learning. 

“For successful online learning, language learners need opportunities to fully immerse in a language,” said James Johnson, managing director, EdTech Breakthrough. 

“Whether it’s classroom, distance, or hybrid learning, Immerse represents a breakthrough tool that delivers synchronous English language learning. Congratulations to the Immerse team on winning our ‘Language Learning Innovation of the Year’ award.”

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