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MET Digital will allow test takers around the world to access the English proficiency exam at either authorised test centres or from home. The provider said the product is being released in response to stakeholders seeking increased flexibility and access as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“A lot of research has been conducted on the MET since its initial launch more than a decade ago”

“A lot of research has been conducted on the MET since its initial launch more than a decade ago,” said Gad Lim, director of Assessment at Michigan Language Assessment.

“That research provides strong evidence on the validity and reliability of the test so test users can depend on the outcomes from the test.”

In March 2020, testing companies introduced at-home testing solutions, with providers such as ETS and Pearson adding Home Editions to their permanent portfolios.

Earlier in 2021, MLA partnered with technology-enabled testing and assessment solution Prometric to collaborate on an at-home exam.

Prometric adds live human proctoring and artificial intelligence monitoring, and the partnership expands the MET Digital locations to 180 countries. Prometric also acquired exam provider Paragon Testing in April 2021.

Results for the new digital exam are typically available after five days, and the MET Digital in-centre test is available at some 123 authorised test centres across Europe and around 65 in South America, among others.

Test takers also have the opportunity to retake one of three sections of the 4-skill MET Digital when they receive their initial results, which the exam provider says will help to reduce both stress and expenses.

The highest of the two scores will be listed on the final report with an indicator to show the retaken section, MET added.

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