As the institutions of the West become corrupted by political correctness and diversity agendas, their replacements begin taking form through non-governmental, off-radar alternatives. The School of the West offers an option for avoiding government propaganda schooling by bluehairs, and luckily, the staff were able to take some time to answer questions for us.

What is the School of the West and what is virtual education?

SOTW is a website that offers free material for homeschooling parents in several areas. It also offers online group and individualized lessons in standard school subjects (over a web browser). Plus, there are “White Wellbeing” classes (at the youth and teen level). The White Wellbeing classes cover European history, corrected history, propaganda and psychology.

How would parents use this in lieu of public education?

Parents may use the material as a supplement or guide to pace their children while homeschooling. Or they may sign up for online lessons to let the founder work with their children in the subjects of their choice.

Is the content video-only, or are you publishing textbooks and tests as well?

There are worksheets and tests for some of the subjects (as they are applicable). Over the summer of 2022, workbooks will be produced to accompanying future White Wellbeing classes.

What type of parent would be most interested in this?

Parents that realize public schooling is infested with antiwhite propaganda and wish to provide their children with the psychological tools to render them immune to the antiwhite attacks they will receive during their lives.

Parents may also wish to strengthen their children’s connection to their people, or give them access to lessons and material that contradicts the official narrative, thereby opening up needed conversations and performing some critical thinking.

Is there any overlap with personal politics or religion in your
content and in your customizations of your content for you audience?

On the website itself, there are no references to politics or religion. Within the WWB classes, those topics are brought up for discussion.

What do you think went wrong with education, both public and private?

I can’t speak for “private” education, as I have never been involved with it. I would need to write a treatise to explain everything wrong with public education. I’ll try to sum it up however.

Public education is run almost entirely by women and beta males. Following the anti-white/woke narrative is more important than teaching facts and skills. Therefore, any new ideology that attacks whites, males or traditional values is quickly adopted by the administration and classroom teachers. In many districts, there is no one to stop this damage from running through the district like wildfire.

Standards of achievement and behavior are constantly being lowered (as student quality constantly slips). “History” is cherry-picked and presented in a manner to make whites look as bad as possible — it’s dishonest, deceitful and anti-white. “History” is therefore little more than government-approved propaganda, and critical thinking is the very last thing children will encounter in school.

Do you follow other curricula, like Great Books or Humanities?

For now, no. Material is being built slowly and added to the site and classes. As time permits, connections with other sites and curricula will be made.

Is your emphasis on career skills, life skills (well rounded
liberal arts), or both?

Both. A major theme of the site will also be Self Reliance, as that is a missing component in most children, who then grow up to become adults, and still can’t fix their car, cook, sew or troubleshoot problems around the house.

Do you teach to any credentials, like SAT, GED, AP, COMPTIA, etc?

No. This may be developed over time, but it will be dependent on needs (as requested by parents) and available time on the backend.

How would an interested parent find out more?

Go take a look at the School of the West website and send questions to schoolofthewest@protonmail.com

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