Investing with FBS CopyTrade (an fbs copy trade review)

Catat Yah! FBS Copy Trade Peluang Investasi Baru

Those who want to keep up with the times should try copy trading, a modern form of investing.

To get started, give it a try with an easy-to-use app from a trusted forex broker, FBS CopyTrade.

How does it work

fbs copy trade review, the app allows novice investors to enter the forex market without any special knowledge or trading experience. This means that FBS CopyTrade users can follow and copy the strategies of professional traders, then make a profit.

Forex experts can also profit from FBS CopyTrade by sharing their accounts for thousands of investors to copy. They earn commissions from copied trades when they make a profit.

How to choose a trader

Find the “Trader list” section in the app, which allows the user to view the traders that can be copied. Each trader has a general profile, which contains information about profits determined by specific indicators.

fbs copy trade review, The activity indicator shows the number of trades made: a good trader has a minimum of 60% activity for one week. The profit rate indicator shows the relationship between the trader’s profit and deposit: the higher the profit rate, the greater the opportunity to profit from copying.

The last indicator is the risk level, which represents the ratio of the percentage of the trader’s funds to the funds used in trading. Users can check each indicator for a specific period, in the range of one week to one year.

How to reduce risk

All new users who have verified ID can try and learn the app with three risk-free investments, which can yield real profits.

“Risk free” means users don’t have to worry about losses. The application will refund the losses that may occur when making this investment.

fbs copy trade review, In addition, any investor can apply risk management tools, such as Stop Loss and Take Profit, to avoid losses and control their assets.

Why FBS CopyTrade

fbs copy trade review, FBS CopyTrade is an award-winning app. According to Global Banking and Finance Review magazine, FBS CopyTrade was named the Best Social Trading Application MENA 2020. In addition, Smart Vision Investment Expo 2020 gave another prestigious award as the Best Copy Trading App.

The fbs copy trade review team makes the investment process as smooth and comfortable as possible. The support team is available 24/7. The FBS team is always ready to solve all the problems users experience.