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In this episode of the Progressively Incorrect podcast, I talk substitute and supply teaching with Broccoli Guy (real name: Jim Stewart Allen)!

Broccoli Guy is a bit of a local celebrity over here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Tune in to any of the Seattle sports games, and the probability is high that the camera will pan to a goofy, curly-haired fan dancing with two big florets of broccoli, somewhere up high in the nosebleed section of the stadium. This is Jim Stewart Allen, one of the nicest and most joyful substitute teachers the world has ever seen.

While substitute teaching might be an afterthought to many in education, Jim takes his role very, very seriously. Rather than seeing himself as a “babysitter” who supervises children through movie screenings and extended free time, Jim approaches his day job in much the same way he approaches his broccoli dancing; with sincerity and a sparkly enthusiasm that is truly contagious. In our discussion, we talk about Jim’s vision for substitute teaching and his tips for preparing sub plans that get the job done. Ultimately, it’s Jim’s passion for creating consistency and a community atmosphere for our students that comes through strongest in this episode, and I am immensely honored that he was able to put down his broccoli for long enough to be interviewed for this special episode of the Progressively Incorrect podcast.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy this special live recording with the man, the legend, Jim “Broccoli Guy” Allen.

Follow Jim on Twitter: @PNWBroccoliGuy

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