Kings College deboards, suspends students

Oba of Lagos, others set for 100th edition of King’s College Inter House Sports

By Adesina Wahab

TO stem the tide of unruly behaviours by some students in dormitories and even outside the school premises, the management of Kings College, Lagos has resorted to weilding the big stick by suspending and deboarding students involved in such acts.

Findings by the Vanguard showed that some of the acts common among the students are fighting fellow students, stealing of personal items of fellow students, fighting their house wardens among others.

A few months ago, a student fought one of the teachers at a local restaurant outside the school premises where they had gone to buy food.

The student was subsequently suspended.
A number of house wardens have also had a raw deal in the hands of some students, who sometimes call them unprintable names or outrightly fight them.

Early this month, two brothers beat up a house warden over a phone charger that was reportedly removed from where it was plugged in the dormitory.

The Vice Principal, Students Affairs, Mrs C.U. Ezegbulam, promptly intervened in the matter.

It was gathered that after investigating the matter, the older of the brothers, who is a final year student, was sent parking from the hostel, and had to sit for his final exams by coming from home.

The younger one was suspended and asked to write an undertaking to be of good behaviour as well as an apology letter to the house warden concerned.

The letter of apology is to be read to the warden in the presence of other students.

However, since there is no more morning assembly because of the need for social distancing, the letter is to be read when his class are having their dinner.

A number of the house wardens spoken to by our correspodent said students involved in such acts are those already spoilt from home.

“They are a reflection of the homes they come from. Some of them, because of their big stature, see themselves as age mate of some of their teachers and house wardens. Although, some teachers and wardens have made themselves to be too familiar with the students and contempt sets in.

“The rule is clear, you are not to be rude to your teachers and others and even if you are provoked, calm down and report appropriately. Also, the students too have their rights which must not be violated. Even the Bible says parents should not provoke their children to wrath, ” a source said.

Meanwhile, the warden that was beaten up is still being pacified by the management to forgive the errant students.

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