LAL Language Centres signs e-learning ‘Plane Language’ agreement

The provider’s portfolio of Aviation English courses specifically designed for aviation industry professionals will be specially adapted to an e-learning environment and available through IATA’s Training site.

“Improving communication, improves safety, the cornerstone of the aviation industry”

“English is the de facto language of the aviation industry,” said Bradley Wade, chief commercial officer at LAL.

The association’s Aviation English courses have been delivered via LAL’s ‘Plane Language’ product at schools in the USA, UK and South Africa in the past, but the e-learning options are being introduced as a result of difficulties the aviation industry is facing through the current pandemic.

The programs will include an online language assessment, an e-learning course and a live virtual classroom course, and in time the partners intend offer the courses face to face.

“We are extremely pleased that LAL’s ‘Plane Language’ Aviation English courses have been selected by IATA to fully prepare current and aspiring professionals in the aviation industry through their training division,” Wade noted.

Stéphanie Siouffi-Vareilhes, director IATA Training added that the partnership will “provide accessible and custom ‘Plane English’ language courses to our members and aviation professionals”.

“Improving communication, improves safety, the cornerstone of the aviation industry,” Siouffi-Vareilhes said.

All international aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers serving international airports and routes have been required to attain level 4 ICAO English or higher, since 2011.

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