Learner Net helps parents understand their child’s behaviours through this webinar



Raising a child is a rewarding but also a challenging task. With so many changes, it’s so hard to cope up. 

We understand that it is inevitable to feel the stress when you are unable to get help or find suitable advice, when you encounter a situation with your child. 

In December, to help our parent group, Learner Net conducted a free webinar entitled “Understanding Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Wellness” 

This online event was in partnership with Ms Rella Quek –  a certified therapist and coach for over 13 years. Rella has accumulated numerous internationally recognised credentials and a wealth of experience in helping her clients through mental, emotional and physical challenges.

Being a parent herself, Rella is able to understand what parents think and relate on a personal level.


The parents who registered also sent their inquiries beforehand. Most inquiries by the parents were about their child’s tantrums. 

Learner Net partners with Rella Quek

With Rella’s experience both as a certified therapist and parent herself, she helped the parents who attended understand why their children were acting as such and gave them suitable advice to help address the situation. 

Rella also made the parents understand themselves better so that they can connect to their children.

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In order to continue helping the parents and their children, Learner Net has extended the workshops into serving the different needs of the family.

Mental wellness is a vital topic that many parents may overlook in a child’s wellbeing.

Being able to understand your children, as well as having your children understand your intentions better, will build better communications, strengthen your relationships and benefit your child’s growth in the long run.

With this in mind, Rella has developed a series of programmes that will help parents and children greatly. The programmes are developed in group life coaching sessions or the unique, parent and child alternate week workshop setting.

If you are looking to make a greater impact in both you and your child’s lives, do join us for these life-enriching sessions with Teacher Rella.

For more details on the programmes: 

Group Life Coaching (7-10 years old) – Learner Net

Group Life Coaching (11-14 years old) – Learner Net

Group Life Coaching (15-18 years old) – Learner Net

Group Life Coaching (Parents) – Learner Net

Supporting Your Child’s Mental & Emotional Wellness – Learner Net


All sessions are confidential and are a safe space for the participants.

Free Webinars

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We look forward to seeing you again at our next webinars!

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