Libereka and Virtual Internships partner for “job-ready” program

Libereka, the world’s first common application system and student recruitment platform on the blockchain, and Virtual Internships, one of Jisc and Emerge Education’s “top 20 edtech startups”, want to break the recent turmoil and lead a “successful translation of degrees to jobs”.

The job-readiness program would give candidates applying through Libereka’s Common Application System access to Virtual Internships’ 6,000 host companies, as well as receiving mentorship and coaching, host company supervisor interaction and more.

The partnership would also offer an internship across 18 career field options in countries like the UK, US and Australia, helping candidates to become as job-ready as possible.

The CEO of Libereka, which was launched in 2019, said it was all a part of opening up the world to applicants.

“We are constantly improving our service design to include solutions that make international mobility a success for millions of candidates,” said Soumik Ganguly.

Upon the announcement, both Libereka and Virtual Internships stressed that employability is “key to the success of higher education”.

The platform’s key aim is to stop leaving the issue of job-readiness for candidates “to chance”, which they say matches Virtual Internship’s focus of creating opportunities for “supporting career growth” and “enhancing employability”.

“We needed a partner that believes in the same set of values,” said Ganguly.

“We are lucky to have Virtual Internships onboard with their fantastic and credible system to deliver on that promise.”

“Students need to be thinking about their professional development and future career journey”

Virtual Internships CEO also voiced the need to help students begin their careers on solid ground.

“Students need to be thinking about their professional development and future career journey, and through our innovative virtual employability programs, we are excited to help more students take the first steps to securing their dream job,” said Daniel Nivern.

“Virtual Internships provides vital-real world experience to familiarise students with the world of work.”

The ultimate goal is to create a cohort of between 4,000-5,000 candidates who would then be able to access and utilise the job-readiness program within the first 18 months.

In addition, the program will be fully funded by a cash grant which applicants receive during Libereka’s application process, which they say effectively makes it “free for all members”.

Ganguly added that the company has “long felt” that employability needs to be covered more often as part of the “common application promise”.

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