Libereka has integrated Unibuddy’s engagement products in order for university partners to be able to push verified leads in a “qualification” process, which will “measurably achieve better application funnel conversions”.

It will also lead to a higher degree of candidate satisfaction without needing to allocate additional resources, the partners suggested.

Unibuddy has solved the downstream engagement part by using its credible peer-to-peer structure wherein existing students can handle a large volume of incoming demand from potential applicants for a school/ university and nurture that demand through the application funnel,” Libereka CEO Soumik Ganguly explained.

“This partnership now allows universities recruiting internationally to access a high-demand generating system in Libereka, wherein we provide a guaranteed number of candidates who would be added to their application funnel – and combine with Unibuddy’s engagement system that allows for such a large volume of candidates to remain engaged and successfully apply to their programs.”

Unibuddy and Libereka will collaborate to enrol more institutions under the new program in 2021, with an aim to create a pool of 100,000+ engaged masters candidates for participating institutions by the end of the year, they added.

“The challenges of engaging candidates digitally through a credible and easily consumable framework is critical”

“In the post-Covid world of international student recruitment, the challenges of engaging candidates digitally through a credible and easily consumable framework is critical. I don’t think there is a single organisation that can claim to have the competencies in both demand gen as well as digital engagement – delivering tangible results at scale,” Ganguly continued.

“That’s why this partnership makes sense, and I am confident that we will enable hundreds of universities or business schools to realise better ROI and enrolment success while providing candidates with a simple and effective solution to discover, engage, enquire, and finally apply to best-fit programs.”

Through the partnership, candidates will be able to engage on-demand with university’s digital profiles at Libereka digital events (such as Study MBA in the USA, Study Masters in Europe or Study MBA in Asia), and access “buddies” immediately.

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