LRN launches GCSE and AS/A Levels globally

Ofqual-recognised LRN currently works with private training providers, colleges, schools and higher education institutions, catering to some half a million students worldwide.

The qualifications will give students an alternative to other providers such as Cambridge Assessment International, Pearson Edexcel and OxfordAQA, the company said.

“LRN is delighted to be able to award International GCSE and AS/A Level qualifications,” Muhammad Tariq, CEO of the LRN.

“It allows us to bring our expertise and knowledge to students all over the world”

“It allows us to bring our expertise and knowledge to students all over the world who are seeking British-standard qualifications, but who are also familiar with LRN as a reputable awarding organisation.”

Countries where LRN operates range from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria to Somaliland, and more, Tariq explained.

The qualifications are an ideal pathway for students seeking to study in the UK, Australia, Canada and other popular study destinations, he suggested.

“We are proud to be recognised on the international stage, alongside our peers,” Tariq added.

On November 10, LRN is set to meet Charles, Prince of Wales, after winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in 2020. The awards recognise outstanding achievement by UK businesses.

“Winning this award symbolises the hard work, dedication and loyalty from all who have worked with our organisation over the last three years,” Tariq said at the time the award was announced in April 2020.

As well as secondary school qualifications, LRN also provides a range of English for Speakers of Other Languages courses and professionally-targeted courses, such as Business Management and Digital Entrepreneurship.

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