myStudyPath study search platform announced

The myStudyPath platform – officially launching February 5 – will allow learners from across the continent to search and apply for higher education programs, as well as short and professional courses and MOOCs.

“Africans study in every country of the world”

“It also provides services for institutions that want to market their schools in Africa and agents that want to reach out to multiple schools without having to sign multiple contracts,” the platform’s founder Lanre Ogundipe explained.

myStudyPath will focus on the African market as it begins operations, but hopes to scale to markets in Europe, South America and Asia over time, he added.

Ogundipe is also founder of Nigeria-based education company Imperial Educational Services that seeks to drive social impact, spur economic growth and enhance skill development and knowledge transfer.

Ahead of the launch, 28 agents have been testing the myStudyPath platform, and those partners will be part of the roll out.

“We expect that number to grow exponentially as soon as we launch,” Ogundipe noted.

Additionally, the numbers of institutional partners are “limitless”, he continued.

“We realised that Africans study in every country of the world so we are not putting limits on where and how people wish to move.”

The myStudyPath product plans to integrate with existing platforms and partner with them to “create a more robust offering”, Ogundipe added.

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