Nacel English to open new building in March

The school in Finchley in the UK capital has continued to operate in a location nearby since moving out of its former building in 2019.

“Beside the much modern and roomier school, there will be a café, open to the public, and, our own apartments above the schools on three floors, for our students,” director of international development Sébastien Marty said.

“There will be a café open to the public”

The school has also said it will extend its program, which includes general, technical and business English, exam and university preparation courses for adults, and junior closed groups courses featuring specialised activities such as art and coding classes in London.

Nacel is now developing programs around soft skills, Marty explained.

“[In the new courses] students not only learn English and have a great time while studying, but also develop other skills to enhance their employability and enhance their future careers,” the provider noted.

The school is preparing for the recovery of the international education industry in 2022 thanks to the new programs and new facility, it added.

The brand new facility – featuring 10 classrooms, a large student socialising, study and exercise areas, and nine luxury large flats – “will be a new asset for agents, being able to offer affordable education, in luxury premises and a convenient location to travel around London”, Nacel added. The café will also allow students to socialise with locals.

The new residence option complement the school’s offering of local residences and homestays, it said.

The school in North London has been operating since 1990, and is part of the Nacel Group founded in 1957.

It will continue to focus on providing “high quality teaching, personal attention to each student, and long-term relationships with agents”, the provider concluded.

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