Navitas to sell part of SAE to AD Education

The European network of schools “is as passionate about creative arts, media and digital” as Navitas, with campuses across France and Italy and courses in areas such as art and design, entertainment and gaming, audiovisual technology and advertising.

“Since the acquisition of SAE in 2011 it has been a special part of the Navitas business, and over the 10 years since Navitas purchased it, SAE has grown significantly to become the key player in creative media higher education globally,” said Scott Jones, Navitas CEO.

“This transaction reflects that success and delivers the best outcome for SAE students and staff in the UK and mainland Europe for further opportunity and growth,” he continued.

SAE offers courses of varying durations in fields of study such as electronic music production, content creation, animation, film, gaming and web design.

The sale is due to complete before the end of the first half of the year, “subject to regulatory approvals”.

The transaction follows a range of Navitas announcements during the pandemic, such as its partnership with Canada’s Ryerson University, UA92 and most recently Keele University in the UK.

Ardian, the parent company of AD Education, will take over SAE’s operations in both the UK and Europe, while Navitas will still retain Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US operations of the company – alongside its network of “licenced education partners” which operate under the SAE brand.

AD Education was sold to Ardian in December 2020.

“AD Education is a fantastic European-based education company that is as passionate about creative arts, media and digital as we are, and well placed geographically to meet the needs of students, engage with local industry, and navigate the unique regulatory environments in the region,” Jones explained.

“Crucially, a co-existence agreement will ensure that we continue to align on brand, marketing and direction and invest in the continued growth of the global SAE brand,” he added.

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