New national credential wallet platform launched

MyCreds allows users to securely access post-secondary documents, transcripts and graduation credentials and awards. 

“Today is an exciting milestone for our national community and for Canadian post-secondary students and graduates”

The new national platform and supporting website are available for learners, employers, verifiers and third parties. The project has been supported by two Vancouver based firms: Digitary, a document issuing company, and Split Mango, a Canadian website design firm.

“Today is an exciting milestone for our national community and for Canadian post-secondary students and graduates in general as we progress to the next stage of providing a dedicated digital credential wallet for Canadian post-secondary students,” said Romesh Vadivel, president, ARUCC

“We are on track to achieve our ultimate goal, which is the full launch of a national, secure digital network through which domestic and international students may share their official, digitised post-secondary transcripts and credentials.”

MyCreds was created by four partnering organisations who worked together on the platform through the ARUCC National Network Project

These organisations include ARUCC, the Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions and Transfer, the Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers, and the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council User Group. 

Key features of MyCreds include a personalised learner credential wallet with 24/7 access; bilingual service and support (French and English); and the ability for them to access, view, control and share their verified and official transcripts, credentials, badges, micro-credentials and documents in a digitised format anytime and anywhere.

“As the registrar of a larger, urban university, the provision of digitised credentials to post-secondary learners across Canada is hugely beneficial, particularly given the Covid situation,” said Charmaine Hack, chair, ARUCC National Network Project and registrar, Ryerson University. 

“We work tirelessly to help our students, graduates and alumni showcase their academic achievements and propel them forward into their careers. 

“Trusted, secure digital credentials can enable our post-secondary learners with anytime access to their own verified credentials which can be shared with whomever they choose,” she said. 

Hack explained that Ryerson has already launched the credential wallet to over 10,000 students and graduates using the Digitary platform and will soon move to the bilingual MyCreds branded credential wallet.

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