New virtual platform for schools admissions teams

Virtual School Experience allows schools to create an interactive platform available 24/7 on-demand for parents to access and learn more about the facilities and courses on offer.

“We feel this is the next generation of education marketing tools for schools

According to the company, VSE offers an entirely customisable experience which allows schools to create “unique experiences” for prospective students. 

“We feel this is the next generation of education marketing tools for schools, both across the UK and internationally,” said VSE founder Stephen Spriggs. 

“Our software dovetails perfectly with existing content and websites to deliver an immersive and real experience of a school tailored to the parent.”

Rather than creating one generic landing page, VSE allows users to create ‘skins’, which can be altered to focus on one particular aspect of the school. 

For example, one skin may contain more information on the sporting facilities for families looking to send their children to an active environment, meanwhile another could focus on art for the artistic inclined.  

VSE said that “multiple unique experiences” can be used to tailor the school experience to the parent.

The platform can also be used to recruit staff as well as students. Haileybury School – Astana is currently recruiting multiple positions using VSE as their interface for candidates.

“Virtual School Experience is the most innovative product we have seen in years and has made our recruitment process this season infinitely more effective,” said Ian Hunt, chairman at Haileybury Almaty, which is currently running a parent Open Day Experience.

“The feedback from candidates has been amazing,” Hunt added. 

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