OET announces agreement with Prometric for delivery of remote testing

OET has been designed to assess candidates’ ability to communicate effectively in the healthcare workplace and to ensure they can deliver care in English speaking healthcare environments.

“Over time, this relationship will allow us to expand our reach globally and to increase testing capacity and frequency”

This partnership with Prometric will allow OET to resume test delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic and to support the ongoing registration of overseas-trained healthcare professionals.

Remote proctoring is managed remotely, under strict test conditions, by proctors who understand the high-stakes nature of the test.

OET will be working concurrently on the availability of computer-based testing through dedicated test venues, as well as on resuming the paper-based test as soon as possible.

OET chief operating officer, Richard Brown, said the signing of the agreement with Prometric was the culmination of a “very competitive” tender process that focussed on finding a highly secure solution.

Sujata Stead, CEO of OET, added: “We are very excited about working with Prometric. Over time, this relationship will allow us to expand our reach globally and to increase testing capacity and frequency.”

OET is currently available at more than 150 venues in 44 countries.

CEO of Prometric, Roy Simrell said the ability to utilise the same reliable testing system – whether in-person or online – will have value to both organisations well into the future.

While computer-based testing and remote proctoring will bring changes to the delivery mode, the test format and tasks, and level of English assessed will remain the same.

The Reading, Listening and Writing sub-tests of OET will be available via computer-based delivery and the Speaking sub-test will be carried out with a human interlocutor via video conferencing software.

OET said the live human involvement and role-play nature of the OET Speaking sub-test, “will not be compromised”, and it is working closely with organisations who recognise the test towards the ongoing acceptance of results issued via this delivery mode.

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