OIEG reveals backend recruitment and operations service

The Education Services business unit will also seek to help partner institutions with their “unique recruitment priorities”.

“With the launch of the Education Services Division we are delighted to be providing a unique solution to the Higher Education community,” said Lil Bremermann-Richard, Group CEO of Oxford International.

“We are offering a streamlined processing resource as a service to universities globally”

“We are offering a streamlined processing resource as a service to universities globally, allowing them to focus on their core offerings while Oxford International deals with the backend work of recruitment and operations.”

The full-service backend operations product will sit alongside OIEG’s pathway provision activities, including embedded colleges and the Oxford International Digital Institute.

The provider added that the business unit was created in response to the “rapidly changing international context for universities and the changing nature of public-private sector partnerships in the sector”.

The service – which will be led by chief development officer David Pilsbury – will focus on an “increased” regulatory burden imposed by the UK Home Office to ensure institutions can remain fully compliant, with “robust quality control mechanisms and operational requirements”.

“We are delighted to launch Education Services and offer new and existing partners a truly seamless end-to-end solution that delivers a sustainable stream of converted and compliant students,” Pilsbury added.

“[We] look forward to developing into other areas where we can be of service to universities on a global basis.”

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