Oral Exam Tips for O-Level Students in year 2022

At the stage of producing, we are at present 2 months absent from the O and N Amount Exams. The concern, as often, is: are the college students geared up?

Right here are some suggestions from my 16 years of training in a  secondary school underneath the MOE (ministry of schooling) singapore.

  • Be loud and clear
  • Give thorough, distinct and engaging responses
  • Really don’t be frightened to disagree
  • For the duration of the waiting planning time, rehearse your looking through – this does not necessarily mean reading through the entire passage two times and that’s it. Target paragraph by paragraph on which pieces demand pausing, increasing/lowering tone or tension and tricky words and phrases.

The very first part of the oral test is studying and it has to be loud. Which is why this aspect of the examination is identified as Looking through Aloud, makes perception? No quantity of creativity or creativeness is required in this article.

All the college student applicant requirements to do is to browse out a passage correctly, not properly, but with all the fluency and intonation necessary for an invisible expectant audience, a.k.a., the two examiners, and hope for the very best that he or she does not stumble throughout any tough words like “debris” or “ambience”.

The future component is the interesting section – Spoken Conversation. . The pupil applicant will for starters check out a small video clip clip. The examiners will ask a few key topical issues to every college student applicant. The pupil candidates are not demanded to know the correct words and phrases spoken by the characters in the video clip. Nor will the scholar candidates be asked to paraphrase the characters’ dialogue. Even so, they are necessary to know what is happening in the online video clip.

1 of the two examiners will commence by inquiring the college student applicant a precise personalized issue similar to the photograph, for instance, “Would you take aspect in this action as revealed in the picture? Why or why not?” The student can believe (about 3 to 4 seconds) just before giving a plausible, reasonable response.

What variety of responses are the two examiners expecting? Examiners are looking for individual responses that are thorough, apparent and participating to the examiners! Under no circumstances ever give “Yes/No” replies without having any additional elaboration. Give the examiners the option to talk to you questions and display them the self-assurance to solution them with good vocabulary, pronunciation, and assorted sentence structure!



Have a dialogue with fellow learners in this article. If you have any queries for instructor daniel, experience free of charge to write-up as very well.

Instructor daniel has opened up an on-line Stay 1:1 session for students who want assist for their approaching 2022 O/N Degree Oral Tests.



Now, allow me now deal with a few FAQs that I constantly hear from students following their Oral Test:

If I get way too emotional and feel like crying, I know I can not assistance it, how?

Do not cry, as a substitute continue to be centered to brainstorm for content material ideas. At property observe, moms and dads can sit with their little one, read through a person short article day by day and explore the suitable difficulties in the post with him or her. Talk to him/her to give opinions, specifics and supporting good reasons.

Only one particular of the two examiners requested me issues, the other just saved tranquil – is this regular?

Of course, this is regular, the two examiners were being just having turns with the college student candidates.

The oral examiner only asked me 3 concerns, am I alright?

Of course, if you experienced adequately answered every single 1 of them.

No, if most of your answers ended up just simple a person-liners without having even more elaboration and the examiners can notify whether or not a college student applicant is taking the oral test severely or not.

The oral examiner requested me much more than the 3 inquiries, am I alright?

Certainly, if they uncover your conversation content material quite interesting and they seriously get pleasure from speaking much more with you.
No, if you hadn’t presented sufficient particulars in your answering and are consequently missing in particulars.

The oral examiner only questioned me 2 questions instead of 3, am I alright?

Congratulations! You have inadvertently managed to response one of the 3 Topical Questions during your first or second answering and have consequently addressed that Topic Concern already, so the examiners need to have not ask you any more inquiries! Properly completed!

If a dilemma is far too private, can I pick out not to answer it?

Properly, you can but I would not recommend it.

This is for the reason that that would imply that the examiners would have to appear up with one thing else (an additional thematic issue) that could be additional tough than what you originally turned down.

Can I not concur with what the examiner is stating?

Indeed, of study course! But you ought to defend oneself with Far better explanations than the examiners’, if not you would stop up seeking silly, or worse, foolish.

In the following article, I will emphasis on Oral Exam Guidelines for Mother and father – how mom and dad can assist their children to prepare for the Oral Assessment.

This post was penned by Teacher Daniel from Learner Web.

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