Over the past couple of years, I’ve been asked to contribute to a few podcasts and webinars. So I thought it may be good for you to be able to access these in one place. It does take time on the side of the presenter to put these together so many thanks to those dedicated people and organisations who were kind enough to invite me to chat about different aspects of learning and play outdoors. Where possible I’ve linked to the entire collection in each website as these are relevant and interesting. Some are chatty, and some are hardcore serious “get your pencil and paper out” types.

Eco-Inquiry Podcasts

These are created by Jennifer Baron and all of them are well worth listening to and her website is a “must explore” for primary and elementary educators in Canada, Scotland and beyond!

Earthy Chats – The Outdoor Learning Store

This is a Canadian social enterprise that ‘provides easy access to excellent outdoor learning equipment and resources to schools and organizations‘ (nursery, primary, secondary sectors). It another “must visit” website with lots to explore, and, of course, a range of relevant podcasts.

The Stramash Puddle Patter Videos

This is a wonderful collection of videos where Cameron Sprague interviews many different outdoor learning and play professionals. Pick and choose at your leisure. Mine are more unusual in that it’s a shared conversation with Jess and Cameron about the development of The Field of Dreams at Fort William Stramash.

Argyll and Bute Early Learning Webinars 2020

In 2020, Argyll and Bute put together a series of webinars for their Early Learning and Childcare settings from a range of speakers. Mine are focused on maths outside. Be aware the handouts are not available but the webinars in themselves could be valuable free CPD for any Early Learning and Childcare setting.

Independent Thinking Ltd

ITL have loads of videos of their associates which can be accessed for free. The one I’m in is unusual in that myself and Jane Hewitt, who took most of the photos in Dirty Teaching and Messy Maths are together! It’s the only one of its kind. Jane has authored several books in her own name too.

First Discoverers

This is a UK early years website. This link is to a blog post interview: Thinking Outside – An Interview with Juliet Robertson

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