Oxford International reveals online academic hub OI Digital Institute

OI Digital Institute will allow OIEG to continue providing high-quality learning in its online portfolio across three divisions – schools and colleges, university partnerships and English Language – to meet a growing need for online-only courses in traditional academic subjects for pre-university and university students.

“Online learning has come of age in the pandemic”

“Online learning has come of age in the pandemic and it will play an increasingly important role in higher education in the future,” said Lil Bremermann-Richard, group chief executive officer at OIEG.

“We have launched Oxford International Digital Institute to help international students navigate the new educational landscape and provide them with the best quality online courses.”

Online courses OI Digital Institute will feature an English Language Test for Higher Education admission, English Language Programs, and A-Levels.

Its Higher Education Pathways offer solutions for PhD preparation, pre-master, pre-sessional English, in-sessional English and a Language Skills Booster Course.

In addition, its Digital University Partnerships include blended pre-sessional courses which combine UK language teaching with face-to-face teaching in China and digital language support programs for international campuses in countries such as Vietnam.

“The OI Digital Institute team has worked with over 15 higher education partners in 2020 alone to help mobilise online learning and keep over 4,000 students on track of their education journey,” Bremermann-Richard added.

“Further to this we have worked alongside partners to offer innovative blended solutions, engaging students in dynamic learning programs featuring the best of face-to-face teaching in-country, and online support from the UK.”

UK institutions such as Coventry University, the Universities of Greenwich, Dundee, Bangor, Hertfordshire, Roehampton, Strathclyde and De Montfort University International College – will use OI Digital Institute as their trusted digital pathway to higher education and as an admissions test partner.

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