Oxford University Press launches program of ELT events

Using the experience of running OUP’s own virtual English Language Teaching Online Conference, OUP has compiled a program of events that focus directly on some of the challenges faced by the teaching community as a result of the pandemic.

“Despite everything, we can keep supporting our English language teaching community”

More than 53,000 registrations have been recorded so far.

During the month-long program, a suite of speakers from across the English language teaching world will come together explained that topics such as ‘Picking up the pieces: Assessment for Learning and managing mixed abilities in the ‘new normal’ classroom’ and ‘The immediate future of teaching languages: What are the takeaways from the Covid-19 switch to teaching online?’

OUP said the program will offer an opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing subjects facing the English language teaching community, and that all attendees will receive free professional development resources and a certificate of attendance for each session.

Managing director of OUP’s English Language Teaching division, Peter Marshall, said Covid-19 has been a truly challenging time for people across the world, “and I want to make sure that, despite everything, we can keep supporting our English language teaching community to adapt, develop and support their students, even in the most difficult of circumstances”.

ELT Together runs from September 21 to October 16, 2020. Find out more and sign up to the remaining sessions here.

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