PROSPECT platform launched to connect K-12 with unis

The nonprofit, providing professional support, advocacy, and strategic tools to enrolment offices at 1,300+ K-12 independent schools, hopes its PROSPECT product will connect more than 60,000 private day and boarding school students and their parents with universities looking to recruit students from the ninth grade onwards.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of PROSPECT — the first recruitment tool of its kind that marries student and parent information to offer universities competitive advantages in marketing to prospective students,” said John Williamson, director of global business development at EMA.

“It primarily focuses on private day and boarding school students who have strong aspirations for obtaining a bachelor’s degree”

“Not only does PROSPECT contain student and parent information, it also primarily focuses on private day and boarding school students who have strong aspirations for obtaining a bachelor’s degree.”

The portal will allow universities to create “more robust” marketing campaigns to attract top academic candidates among families that have opted-in to participate. Institutions will be able to filter student information to fit specific criteria, including geography, interests, gender, SSAT test score percentile ranges, and other demographic information.

It aims to help students “find the right higher education fit”, through the targeted outreach. EMA also offers an online assessment tool, Character Skills Snapshot, measuring initiative, intellectual engagement, resilience, teamwork, and more, to provide institutions with a “more comprehensive” view of applicants.

“Families benefit by learning about the higher education programs that align with their preferences and aspirations much earlier in the college-planning process,” Williamson added.

“With more time for those all-important conversations about the future, their children can better navigate the high school experience in preparation for applying to their dream college or university.”

The customisable data options offered on the platform means institutions both inside and outside the US can choose to purchase the dataset that suits their university best.

“One of the key features about PROSPECT is that the dataset will only continue to grow,” Williamson added. “For this coming academic year, we anticipate having more than 60,000 students with their parents’ information, but within the following two years, we expect 120,000 student records.”

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