Sannam S4 Group reveals Acumen brand

The newly-named division in the market entry service & in-country expansion company will offer dedicated services for university and education partners seeking to “drive recruitment and enrolment, develop strategic partnerships and research collaboration, and provide students with optimal education options”.

The brand aims to be a clearer articulation of Sannam S4’s education-related services, and it is hoped that Acumen will give clarity to partners to more easily delineate which services they’d like to use.

“This transition is a really exciting stage of the brand’s development,” said Michael Bartlett, managing director of Acumen.

“It gives Acumen the potential to develop further whilst still working closely with Sannam S4 Group for the mutual benefit of both brands.

“This transition is a really exciting stage of the brand’s development”

“Our people and partners are the most important part of our services, and this change allows us to keep that firmly in focus.”

Since being established in 2008, Sannam S4 Group has grown from focusing on India to markets across South, South East Asia and further afield.

Its Seamless brand aims to help businesses and international nonprofit organisations expand and manage overseas operations.

Acumen sells itself as the “most-trusted partner” for educators’ internationalisation journeys, promising to help reach international student recruitment goals, find the right partners and launch new global initiatives.

The company boasts five of the world’s top 10 universities and dozens of universities in the top 200 as partners, with one in five Indian students studying in the UK an Acumen student, as is one out of every four Nepalese students.

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