Sanwo-Olu Boosts Public School Learning In Lagos With Free EKOEXCEL eLearning Tools

Cross section of SUBEB’s representatives, EKOEXCEL officials and the Kosofe Local Government Area officials.
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Governor Babatunde Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has provided free MP3 e-learning tools to public school pupils in Lagos under the EKOEXCEL initiative to boost learning.

This followed the official flag-off of Project Zero by Governor Sanwo-Olu ably represented by Deputy Governor Femi Hamzat on 19th November 2020.

At the flag-off, he officially received 450,000 MP3 players to enhance learning for Lagos State public primary school pupils.

On Thursday, Governor Sanwo-Olu’s flagship basic education transformation program, EKOEXCEL held a demonstration session showcasing the utility of the MP3 e-learning devices for primary school pupils with participation from Lagos State SUBEB, Education secretaries, parents.

The initiative of MP3 learning came at the backdrop of wasted seven months due to the COID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Lanre Dairo from EKOEXCEL who spoke in Lagos during the demonstration of the MP3 learning tools said Governor Sanwo-Olu’s commitment to education in Lagos state during pandemic restrictions spurred a digital learning drive for state primary school pupils.

According to him, an example of this is the rollout of EKOEXCEL MP3 media players provided to all 450,000 pupils. 

He said: ”The parent-friendly, grade-appropriate pre-recorded lessons on the MP3 players will be regularly updated and make learning at home easier and more accessible for children of all households. This is the largest ever eLearning drive in Africa.

”Governor Sanwo-Olu’sflagship basic education transformation program, EKOEXCEL sets a new record in public primary school education with largest e-learning drive in Africa presenting each of the 450,000 Lagos State primary school pupils with free MP3 players.”

Dairo explained that MP3 learning tools further empower pupils learning on an individual basis, adding that it allows all pupils to learn at their own pace and even learn ahead of teacher instruction.

In her reaction, a parent at the showcase event said: “Education in Lagos State primary schools is now the best available in the state.

”This MP3 device further shows how much better education is in Lagos Public Schools as it provides our children with the power to learn faster and better than their counterparts in other schools”.

The EKOEXCEL@Home learning adaptation was developed to mitigate the effect of COVID-19 on Lagos state public primary school pupils. Pupils were home with little or no access to any academic activity. It was important to develop a method of learning that would impact the majority of the pupils at home. Interventions of the @Home learning program include

  • Online digital workbooks for children and interactive parent lesson guides
  • Provide engaging and downloadable audio lessons via radio and MP3 players
  • Interactive mobile assessment/quiz using WhatsApp.
  • Digital storybooks that children can download
  • WhatsApp virtual classroom to support pupils and parents.

The NUT Chairman, Lagos State, Hon.AdedoyinAdesina commended the government for investing in the welfare and educational development of the children, who he says are the future leaders.

According to Adesina, the MP3 players are learning tools that will keep the pupils learning at home at their own pace and convenience.

He urged parents to complement the efforts of the teachers in the school and assist their children to take advantage of the MP3 Players provided by the government.

The MP3 players will give Lagos State pupil households access to parent-friendly, age group-specific EKOEXCEL@Home interactive audio lessons, below are the main features:

  • Digital MP3 player preloaded with daily Audio lessons for the term enabling pupils to learn at their own time and schedule.
  • The MP3 players ensure that all students can access every lesson that is designed for them to further their learning.
  • Digital portable, battery-powered MP3 players (plus headphone and recharging cable) + Memory Card.
  • Distributed to all Primary Level households (estimated at 315,000 households – from ECCD to P6 in 1016 schools).
  • The EKOEXCEL branded players are easy to use and durable with the opportunity to replay lessons.
  • Players do not require internet connectivity and are not network-dependent and are reusable.

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