Sector-wide int’l consultation maps out the future of UK TNE

The consultation drew responses from 105 organisations worldwide, including 74 universities across the UK, representative groups, overseas quality bodies, student representation, and individual responses.

“The responses demonstrated a deep commitment to the development of TNE”

The three organisations will publish a summary of the consultation results and analysis before the next academic year, after which QAA will be invited to lead on developing a new method and approach to quality enhancement of UK TNE.

The consultation focused on key aspects UK TNE provision, from its guiding principles to governance and funding, and found predominant agreement that any enhancement should continue to follow a UK-wide approach to ensure consistent experience and quality across UK TNE provision.

“The findings of this joint consultation provide an excellent opportunity to help continue to support and enhance this important area for UK higher education,” said Douglas Blackstock, QAA CEO.

“The responses demonstrated a deep commitment to the development of TNE, and a strong pride in the international recognition that it already has.

“We’ll be working to deliver a new model for quality enhancement, based on the findings – and will consult with the sector further in the autumn as this is developed,” he added.

UUKi director, Vivienne Stern, said to maintain and strengthen the UK’s position as a global leader in TNE, it’s vital to listen to the needs of students, institutions, and overseas partners, and respond appropriately to an entirely new global situation.

“The results of this consultation will ensure we’re well placed to do just that, enhancing UK TNE provision wherever it is delivered across the world,” she noted.

Some 142 providers offer overseas higher education programs in 226 locations worldwide, delivering UK higher education to 666,815 students and contributing more than £600 million to the UK economy.

As the Covid-19 challenge continues, more students could choose UK degrees in country, with expert speakers at a recent online UUK conference urging institutions to hone their TNE provision to mitigate the potential changes in a post-coronavirus educational landscape.

In particular, UK degrees offered in Malaysia – the second-largest host country for UK TNE – have been brand a success story by being both relevant to the local market and employment needs, as well as meeting the expectations of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

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