The agreement will allow ProfiLingua adult ELT course participants to access Sensations English news-based video and article lessons and interactive games.

Customised Sensations English Polish-language support and other modifications tailored to suit ProfiLingua’s students will be integrated into ProfiLingua’s own learning portal.

The schools are provided an online learning management tool with access to all the lesson content in the Sensations English platform.

“We at ProfiLingua are constantly striving for more, looking for solutions that support the unique and rewarding educational process that is the key factor in our schools,” Malgorzata Szlenk, director of Studies for ProfiLingua said.

Students will have the “opportunity to learn faster and in a more comfortable environment while using relevant, up-to-date materials”, Szlenk continued.

“The vision of education as a process that takes place not only in a classroom, but virtually anytime and anyplace, is shared by both WSiP and Sensations English, resulting in top-quality, hi-tech education.”

With support for five CEFR levels, Sensations English content covers the gamut of English language proficiency.

“It’s an honour to have been selected by ProfiLingua to be the cornerstone of its adult English language delivery,” Lewis Bronze, chairman of Sensations English, noted.

“It’s a significant moment for our young company and we are pleased to be partnering with such an experienced and established market-leading organisation as WSiP.”

“It’s a significant moment for our young company”

WSiP shares the online provider’s vision to make English learning more “rewarding, accessible and enjoyable”, he added.

“Sensations English’s commitment to imaginative content is well matched with WSiP’s strategy and mission aiming at making positive impact on students’ achievements and reflects the needs of 21st century learner,” said Jerzy Garlicki, CEO of WSiP.

“I am sure Sensation English service is an exceptional value added to ProfiLingua ELT portfolio.”

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