Sneaky Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use to deny Your Claim

Car accidents can cause disability and emotional distress. This is not enough – you have to deal with the stress of negotiating for a fair settlement with an otherwise cunning insurance adjuster.

Insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they won’t take anything lying down – they will make sure they use all means to deride your claim. When injured in a car wreck, the other driver’s insurer is responsible for paying out compensation for the damages you have sustained. This means you have to work with the insurance adjuster to agree.

We wish we could tell you that the process will be smooth and that the insurance adjuster will take pity on you. In reality, the person assigned your case only cares about minimizing the money that theinsurer pays out to you. Insurance companies didn’t get that rich by being good – instead, they make huge profits when accident victims don’t get paid what they deserve. The insurance adjuster is out to make his day count, and he uses a few tricks to do this.

Communication is not Guaranteed

Once you get injured in a car accident, many questions cross your mind. Some of the questions are best answered by an insurance adjuster. However, you will hit a brick wall because of the following:

·         The insurance adjuster gives you a phone number that is not his direct line. You will have to talk to several people before you get to him. This is all aimed at frustrating your efforts.

·         Visits to the adjuster’s office are never successful – he is never there.

·         The adjuster doesn’t return your calls, even when you leave a message on voicemail.

·         Your written communications and emails aren’t responded to.

·         If he picks up your call or you get him in office, he promises to research and get back to you, but he never does that.

The aim of theseactions is to frustrate you to the point where you stop calling. At this point, you need to work with a reputable personal injury attorneythat will handle the insurance adjuster for you. Funny enough, attorneys change the narrative and make the process go faster.

You may believe the excuse that the adjuster was attending to another client, but the truth is, the miscommunication is intentional. The adjuster simply chooses to ignore your calls and text messages. They know that the less they communicate, the more anxious you become and the more likely you can accept any settlement they give you.

Another reason why they frustrate you is that they know every claim has a statute of limitation, and they hope that it expires so that you miss the deadline for filing the claim.

They Look for Admission of Fault

This begins the moment the accident happens. Insurance agents are looking for any admission of the fault to avoid the blame fully, even if you are just partially to blame. This is why you shouldn’t admit fault at any time. They will use all means to try and force you to acknowledge that you were at fault and that you are sorry.

One of their common tricks is to get you to record a statement about the events that led to the accident. One wrong word, and you are done. The adjuster will keep on asking leading questions to make you admit fault. Be aware of that.

He Acts Like Your Friend

The adjuster will be very supportive in the initial stages. Be on guard because he is digging for information that he can use against you.

They can also send friend requests on social media. This is to make sure they know everything that is happening in your life with the intention of using the information against you.

Call Your Personal Injury Attorney Today

Dealing with an insurance adjuster is no mean feat. Talk to Marietta personal injury attorney and let them know everything happening between you and the adjuster. Follow their guidance to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.