The students enrolled into Cross-Cultural School on Entrepreneurship and Marketing, part of the International Polytechnic Summer School, which hosted 140 international students from different countries in 2021.

SPbPU said the “impressive enrolment” from China was largely thanks to joint work between the SPbPU International Office and SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai.

“We immediately tried to adapt this educational product to the Chinese audience”

“The cross-cultural school on entrepreneurship and marketing immediately attracted the interest of SPbPU’s Shanghai partners. As a result – more than 90 participants from China,” said program coordinator of the Graduate School of Technology Entrepreneurship SPbPU Vladimir Shchegolev.

The two-week program featured guest speakers from Russia, France, and the UK, he added.

“Naturally, we immediately tried to adapt this educational product to the Chinese audience.”

The course covered natural and engineering sciences, space, information and digital technologies, energy and civil engineering, Life Science, business and economics, as well as Russian language and culture.

Participants also focused on technological entrepreneurship in the Russian B2C markets, studying the behaviour of potential consumers, developing value and product in a research project, working on the definition of a business model, among other tasks.

Studies in 2021 also centred on Russia’s agriculture development map FoodNet, which is using advanced technologies such as genomics, precision farming, organic agriculture and alternative sources of raw materials to establish a competitive agriculture industry.

The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Graduate School of Technology Entrepreneurship, SPbPU, and Polytechnic University International Office have already collaborated on five international schools in English in 2021.

Programs focus on international technological entrepreneurship, business development, and innovative supply chain management, as well as cross-cultural marketing in the context of digitalisation.

“We closely follow current trends and quickly incorporate them into the educational process, and we are in close contact with both foreign market leaders and the outstanding talents of our university,” said Olga Emelyanova, head of the Department of International Educational Programs and Academic Mobility.

“All of this combined has resulted in the International Polytechnic Summer School’s powerful development over the past decade.”

More than 400 students from more than 30 countries have enrolled in the International Polytechnic Summer School. SPbPU also offers online winter courses.

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