St Giles International announces closure of St Giles NYC

The school is currently closed due to the government-imposed lockdown, with lessons being provided online, and St Giles NYC will continue to provide online teaching until its closure date at the end of July.

“The necessity to close has been due to circumstances beyond our control”

St Giles said all relevant parties have been informed of the decision and the options available to them.

In a statement, St Giles NYC said the lockdown and travel restrictions have proven to be “extremely challenging”, and due to the evolving pandemic situation in the US, there was also a lack of clarity as to when the school would have been able to viably open had it remained operational.

“Unfortunately, the necessity to close has been due to circumstances beyond our control,” the statement explained.

Deputy CEO, Hannah Lindsay added: “We are sorry to have to close our NYC centre. The Covid-19 outbreak, the stringent measures adopted internationally for its control and its economic repercussions, have forced us to make this difficult decision.”

She added that St Giles is pleased to continue to welcome students to its six year-round centres in the UK and Canada which are due to re-open on July 13.

St Giles International has made provisions for students currently enrolled at its New York centre to transfer to another St Giles school, to a similar course at Rennert International New York through a worry-fee transfer agreement, or to receive a refund.

“We are confident that Rennert will provide our transferring students with a warm welcome,” the statement explained.

“NYC has been home to Rennert since 1973 and is a school like St Giles with a commitment to their student’s safety, high standard of learning and experience. We feel that our students are in good hands as we exit the NY market.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and students who have made the past 10 years at St Giles NYC so memorable,” it added.

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