Study Group organises events, learning centre, for intl students in China

Students now have access to the Shanghai Institute of Technology, WeWork coworking spaces, social events facilitated by Airbnb in several cities and the HR service provider Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation which will offer students internship, volunteer, and employment opportunities.

“Our partnership with WeWork and Airbnb shows that we are prioritising the student experience in inventive new ways, to make sure that learners can interact with each other face-to-face in a safe, yet stimulating and creative physical environments, whilst concurrently studying online to achieve their academic goals,” explained Manoj Shetty, chief revenue officer at Study Group.

“Study Group is actively providing students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and transferable skills”

“The FESCO initiative is particularly exciting and forward-thinking, as Study Group is actively providing students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and transferable skills, which will enable them to hit the ground running and successfully access global employment opportunities in the future.”

In Shanghai, Study Group has additionally set up a Remote Learning Centre at the Shanghai Institute of Technology for students from Taylors College Sydney, which will allow students to study virtually in an on-campus environment.

Daniel Jian and Stephanie Wu, both graduates of the college, spoke with The PIE News about their work and projects at the centre.

“It’s great for the students now studying the foundation program. Both of us graduated from the foundation program and we are now organising some activities to help them,” Wu said.

“The students in RLC are all from different cities in China, so not only Shanghai, so I think it is like a transition for them before they travel to Australia, they can they can enjoy their life in another different new city.”

With around 24 students currently studying there and eight more expected this month, Jian added that they also act as support for students and organise activities.

“We already organised a three-on-three basketball game. Approximately 12 or 13 students joined the competition and enjoyed it,” he explained.

“And we actually do support enhancing their English ability. So we currently organise the English Corner on a regular basis.”

They also act as support for students both with their studies and personal lives and, with both having returned from Sydney themselves, get plenty of questions about what the in-country experience is like.

“[Students] are curious about life in Sydney, the accommodation, and how to rent a house because they have never been there,” he said.

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