The Four Corners Strategy – Model Teaching


To Put into action the Four Corners Technique in your classroom:

  1. Prepare a question with 4 possible right solution alternatives that align with the lesson articles or the objective of the examine for knowing exercise. Try to layout your questions so that they can elicit an open-ended reaction, and in which much more than just one remedy alternative could be suitable, relying on the justification and rationale presented by the scholar.
  2. Show the issue on the projector monitor or read the query aloud.
  3. Inform pupils of four places in the classroom, a person that represents every respond to preference. College students ought to go to the location in the area that represents their choice.
  4. Persuade 100% participation and remind pupils to make their possess choice and not be dependent on what other students pick out.
  5. Opt for at least just one scholar from every single reply choice to protect their solution verbally, or allow groups to focus on the purpose for their option.
  6. When feasible, inspire further discourse and discussion concerning groups to assist deepen being familiar with of the notion.

Closed Responses

Closed responses could be made use of for Four Corners when the teacher presents inquiries with only one particular proper response having said that, this method is generally not used for 4 Corners.

A much better option for shut responses would be the College student Response Program.

Nevertheless, if you pick out to implement shut responses within the 4 Corners Technique, this is what it could search like:

A 3rd-grade math instructor shows a polygon with the length of each individual side labeled and asks learners to decide the perimeter. She provides four response selections, and college students stand in the corner representing the letter of their choice.

Evaluation: She can use a information tracker to swiftly mark if learners miss an respond to to establish their general precision level just after all of the queries have been answered. Nonetheless, you are not most likely to get accurate details from a closed issue due to the fact if a university student chooses a mistaken remedy and sees that most learners are standing at yet another remedy choice, they could be extra possible to follow their peers to that response.

Open up Responses

Open up responses are the standard reaction structure for Four Corners, assuming the problem posed could be answered properly by any or most of the 4 choices supplied. The instructor can then tally scholar responses and have to have students from each side of the argument to justify their responses with evidence or regulations associated to the day’s material.

Illustration: A trainer shows the pursuing numbers and asks students to stand in the corner of the number that does not belong.

9 16 25 43

In this specific set of sequences, college students will need to have to determine out how people quantities are similar- and there could be far more than a person reaction. For illustration, a single student may possibly say that 16 does not belong mainly because the other figures are all odd. Yet another university student, on the other hand, may say that 43 does not belong simply because the other quantities could be diminished by its sq. root. This procedure allowed for the trainer to guidance college students in working towards math analysis in different means and critique essential principles required for further crucial considering.

Evaluation: Right after learners make their solution alternative, the trainer can have them finish an exit ticket explaining their reasoning for their alternative or interact in a group discussion. She can then sort the students into two groups centered on their exit tickets: able to protect sufficiently and not ready to defend.

The 4 Corners Strategy can also be crucial in job-dependent things to do, routines the place analysis is crucial, or when you have to apply justifying a response.

Contemplate a science class that has concluded a lab action and has drawn conclusions. Depending on how pupils structured their experiments, various teams could arrive to different conclusions that they can protect using details from their experiments.

Look at examining a piece of poetry, a advanced limited tale, or chapter. If the evaluation is intricate, or if the query posed could elicit a lot more than 1 reaction, learners will be equipped to individual into two or far more corners of the area and then prompt a further dialogue and debate on both equally sides of the argument. For example: “Do you feel the character was justified in her habits in the direction of her father?”

In artwork, the teacher could show the names of four well known artists and check with college students to pick the most essential artist for a distinct style, prompting pupils to direct a debate on their most well-liked artists and rationale for their value in the artwork globe.

Best Employed When

This strategy is most productive when learners have to have to exhibit their reasoning or justification skills. It operates best when the four solution options could be considered suitable, dependent on how you analyze the problem. It will allow students to do the job on their communication capabilities and assists them see distinctive viewpoints they might not have considered in advance of.

Despite the fact that the 4 Corners Strategy is not explicitly necessary for these forms of justification actions, it supplies a new way for college students to interact with the material and allows to have interaction them in a more genuine dialogue. It can be incorporated as portion of your varied procedures to examine for being familiar with in your classroom and additional as an supplemental beneficial activity for your system.


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