If you are in an car accident in the Tampa FL area, there are a number of different injuries that you could sustain. There are some injuries that are more common than others and you need to consider this. It is important that you know what these common injuries are and whether you could legally claim accident compensation by using the lawyers at the Accident Injury Law firm.

car accident with emergency people investigating the scene


Whiplash is one of the most common head and neck injuries that people sustain in auto accidents. Whiplash is caused when you next is suddenly jolted and bent to extremes during an accident. The sudden movement will cause your head to rock back and forth causing the tendons and muscles to move outside their usual range.

As whiplash is a very common injury and this causes it to be mistreated. If whiplash is not Fiat Business Lease treated correctly it could lead to prolonged period of immobility where the head and neck cannot be properly moved. The pain felt with this condition will also increase if it is not treated.


A concussion is another common injury sustained in accidents where your head has collided with the car panels. When suffering from a concussion you may experience a lack of joint coordination, memory loss and an imbalance in your body. Disorientation is also a common symptom of concussion as your nervous system rallied to protect your body. Many people who have a concussion after an accident feel nauseous.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is the result of the rapid movement of your head or a blow to the head which is severe enough to injure your brain. This can result in a minor injury or severe brain damage. The recovery time needed for this type of injury will vary and is different for every person. There are some long and Used Cars Leeds short-term effects that people with this injury suffer. These effects can include cognitive difficulties, increased irritability, headaches, fatigue and increased impulsivity.

A Herniated Disk

Common injuries from car accidents are not limited to the head and neck. A herniated disk is one of the most common back injuries people have and this will result in severe back pain. A herniated disk is caused by an extrusion on the spinal disc which could burst beyond the disc and cause incontinence.

To treat a herniated disk, your doctor may refer you to a physiotherapist. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to ease the fibers back into the disk. An untreated herniated disk can cause a range of additional problems such as sciatica.

Vertebrae Fracture

Another common back injury is a fracture of the vertebrae. If you have a fracture in your vertebrae your movement will be limited. It is also possible that your spine will become deformed and you will suffer from prolonged back pain. It is important that you consult your doctor to understand the treatment option available to you.

Cuts And Bruises

Many people assume that cuts and bruises are the most minor of car accident injuries. However, the broken glass in the collision can cut deeply and there is the risk of infection. If you have been cut by glass during the collision, you should go to hospital to have the cuts treated. Very deep cuts will require stitches and there could be glass embedded in the skin.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis

After an accident, the cartilage in your bones could erode or deteriorate. Without any cartilage, your bones will grind against each other. This will cause intense pain and a limited range of movement. Once arthritis has started, there is very little which can be done to return the cartilage.

Fractured Sternum And Cracked Ribs

If you have any bruises and chest pains after an accident you need to have an x-ray to determine the cause. A broken sternum can cause these symptoms and this is a result of your chest being hit against the car panels. If you feel chest pain along with shortness of breath and pain along the middle of the back then you could have a cracked or dislocated rib. This will usually happen when your chest hits the steering wheel during a collision.

There are a number of common injuries that you could sustain during an auto accident. It is important that you are seen by medical professionals within 14 days after the accident to diagnose the problem followed by a consultation with a qualified Tampa car accident lawyer .