Tinker Coders sees 200% growth since March

The platform, launched by Stemrobo, aims to provide affordable online coding classes to K-12 students globally and says it will seek to earn US$250 million across its product portfolios in more than 50 countries in around five years.

“We are delighted to have such dedicated students in our club”

Since its launch in March, Tinker Coders has expanded to the US, UK, Australia, India, UAE, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bahrain, Japan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

In April 2020 the company started with around 1,000 subscriptions. By September, the total numbers of subscribers had expanded to 200,000.

According to Tinker Coders CEO, Anoop Gautam, the company is witnessing “exponential growth” month by month in line with the $250m target by 2025.

“[We are] also looking forward to elevating the number of educators to 2000+ by next year,” he added.

“The kind of response we are receiving from students even during this pandemic is beyond appreciation.

“[Parents] encouraging their children to take up such courses shows positivity even during this situation. We are delighted to have such dedicated students in our club who are wholeheartedly working on projects and delivering their best.”

Tinker Coders subscribers are aged six to 18, and it provides online courses from more than 500 educators on subjects including Python and AI, block-based coding, and app development.

The company added that India’s recent New Education Policy has made coding lesson mandatory for young students.

Tinker Coders added that it is working to enhance creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving skills in children as it takes “the government’s vision into account”.

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