Top 5 College-Run Magazines In The World You Should Read


When I first joined college, I was clueless about the world I had entered into. Of course, I had come with a starter’s package of what to expect in mind but we all know how inadequate that is. You start interacting, attending classes, participating in various events, and ultimately engaging in an entirely different lifestyle to understand what there is. Higher Education is not textbook; you will have to explore its various contours and there are multiple ways to go about it. One such way is to refer to college magazines that offer detailed insight into the discipline, academic and professional opportunities, and socio-culture lifestyle.
Generally, every college has a student-run magazine that deals with certain specific matters and often acts as the guidebook to students and teachers from the university and beyond. Many of these magazines achieve massive readership for their top-notch quality and relevance of content. Today, our focus is on these magazines. The ones mentioned in the article are regarded as some of the finest student-run publications.

So, without further ado, let us know what they are:

  1. Vertigo, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
    Despite being a publication of the University of Technology, there is no bar so far as discipline is concerned. The purpose of the magazine is to invite textual and visual contributions that are unconventional, curiosity-inducing, and appealing. You don’t have to have a particular theme in mind. So long as you can adhere to the general objective of the magazine your contribution is considered. The publication cycle of the magazine is quite frequent; the magazine is published 6 times a year.
  2. Echo, Columbia College Chicago, United States of America
    With a multi-hyphenated team comprising students of photography, graphic designing, and journalism, the success of the magazine was unsurprisingly anticipated. Echo is an award-winning student-run college magazine that is released every spring semester. The magazine invites contributions on generally abstract themes such as Life and Body and curates the best contributions as per the theme in question. Reading Echo is a visual treat to the eyes and intellectual fodder to the brain. It is one of the most-read student magazines in the world and there is no doubt why such is the case.
  3. ORANGE Magazine, University of Texas Austin, United States of America
    Published by one of the world’s highest-ranked universities in the world, ORANGE Magazine is a lifestyle publication. The founders of the magazine started it as a class project, however, with time, it became an indispensable part of the local culture. Today, it enjoys readership from students, especially those interested in media and art. The content of the magazine pertains to art design, finances, career opportunities, and whatnot. Today, ORANGE Magazine is part of the namesake student organization and is managed by students from all walks of life.
  4. Spoon University, Northwestern University, Illinois, United States of America
    By any chance, are you a foodie? In case you are, then you should definitely be keeping up with Spoon University. Spoon University is a student-run magazine of Northwestern University. Basically, the magazine invites photographic contributions for food lovers. Generally, the intention is to explore recipes of all kinds of delicious foods but does ensure that all these recipes are readily accessible within the student budget. The mouthwatering, aesthetic prints on the magazine will make you want to head to the kitchen and experiment. Today, Spoon chapters provide content from more than 250 colleges across the globe and are read by millions.
  5. I, Science Magazine, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
    I, Science is a popular magazine among those interested in Science Communication and Science Media Production. However, the content may interest readers who have an interest in science in general. It is published thrice a year and has received a number of awards for its high-quality content. For example, the Magazine had been a runner-up of the Guardian’s Student Media Awards in 2008. The magazine also bagged second place at the ABSW Science Journalism Awards. I, Science digital magazine is one of the most user-friendly magazines you will read; for example, it avoids the use of the red and green color combination to make content accessible to color-blind readers.

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