UAC launches credit management solution

UAC has come up with its cutting-edge UAC Advance credit management system, to help universities and students solve the riddle of the management of academic credit.

Victoria University will become the first university in Australia to deploy UAC’s innovative automated system by the year-end, which will help the institution streamline its academic credit management process, as well as integrate its higher education admissions, student management, and enquiry tools.

Nous Group report of 2019, commissioned by the UAC, gives detailed analysis about the problem of academic credit management and makes a case for the development of a system to offer an innovative solution in the form of the UAC Advance credit management system.

The report not only highlighted the manifold features of the system for universities and students, but also goes on to indicate its possible benefits for and adoption by governments and policymakers, in addition to it being of benefit to the larger community.

In just over two year’s time from the publication of the Nous report, UAC will launch its path breaking system, to not only improve staff and student experience, but also towards helping the higher education sector in Australia save nearly $36 million per annum (almost $125 per credit application).

The sector loses due to inconsistency of decision-making, poor integration, and limited tracking and reporting.

“This program will also help Victoria University deliver a best-in-class applicant experience”

Speaking about the UAC-Victoria University partnership, David Christie, managing director of UAC said, the UAC Advance credit management system is “designed to position universities strategically in terms of student recruitment and the student experience”.

“This program will also help Victoria University deliver a best-in-class applicant experience,” he added.

While at the same time, Victoria University’s interim executive director (Students), James Armit, was highly enthusiastic about the partnership with UAC, saying, “Were tremendously excited to be partnering with UAC on this project.

“Our shared focus on technical innovation and user experience design will transform the student experience of applying for academic credit, reduce staff workload, and help our staff manage precedents more efficiently.”

The Advance credit management system will also help higher education service providers garner sophisticated business intelligence on key aspects of the sector, thereby enabling universities to be ahead of the change curve and be better future-ready.

From a students’ perspective, this system will enable them to make better informed choices about their education pathways. A win-win for all.

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