UFT Delegate Assembly April 13, 2022–Tier 6 Improvements and Other Stuff


Michael Mulgrew–Welcomes us. One day from Spring Break. We’ve come very far from September. Concerned about incidents. Every day a school is on lockdown. Good things–Thanks for HS and MS awards. 5K family walk or run coming May 14th at Cyclones field in Coney Island.

Last Friday was horrendous shooting of three students. UFT-represented charter run by group of teachers–We have a better procedure with NYPD to get people home. We’ve had people there all week. These things are getting worse. Then the incident yesterday happened. Was en route to a school nearby, nurses at NYU Lutheran dealt with this. Thanks Jeff Povalitus  and safety team.

Thanks CL of Sunset Park HS who was gr.9 mieeting students this AM. Education, school and community are important. We’re in the middle of it and has been tough year. When we return there are 44 more days of school and three holidays. This has been toughest year and takes major toll. When you have a break, you need to take it. Be careful, but use the break. If you’re involved in DA you’re even more involved in these position. Take a breath and relax a little bit.

Federal–We have a new judge on SCOTUS. 

State–No Lt. Governor. In touch with NYSUT. Will see where that goes. Will be usual public political process. NYSUT endorsements for federal and state upcoming. Thanks everyone who helped with budget. Very good one in year when contract ends. Were good surprises. 475 million for NYC schools 100% foundation aid. 100 mil for trauma. Teacher centers expanding–450 K for United Community Schools. Day care providers paid by market rate, which we moved from 68 to 80%.

Tried for hazard pay, were not able to get it in budget. Talking about teacher retention, and they gave bonus to health care, and some of those titles work in schools. Some of our titles will get up to 1500 at a time. Whatever we can get, we go for. We will get more info out. 

When we shut down March 15 2020, every school nurse went to work and didn’t stop. Recognizes them. Still fighting for nurse in every school, but how many do we need in bigger schools? For every CL, if you have a school nurse, should be on safety committee.

No one knows when COVID is going away. Doctors say these things will be floating around. You need a medical pro in your meetings. When we were facing this, every school found a nurse. We can’t go back on that. 

Tier 6–Happened ten years ago. We were able to fis tier 4. Goal to fix before anyone has to retire on it. Was campaign by governor and wealthy people who put up misinformation and created this tier. Same people try to stop improvements. But you cannot recruit 21 year olds and retain them if they have to work to 63. Unions look to UFT trustees for help. Thanks Deborah Penney.

Penney–Pleased to say we got two reforms. Tier 6 only ten–Tier 4 took longer to reform. After 17 years contributions stopped after ten. Tier 4 was 24 years old before we got 25/55. We’ve been chipping away at it. We had five reforms and two passed. Five years for vesting now. Other a little complicated. From April 2022 to 2024 rate based on base pay only. Two year lag in contributions. Starts at 3% and can go up to 6. This bill said, to help members, they’d be held harmless for contribution rate. Only based on base pay. We will continue to keep chipping away. 

Mulgrew–First change to tier 6 now and we will keep working on it.

NYC DOE–Lots of unknowns–superintendents, principal budgets, supes going through rigorous process to see if they will remain. We think DOE is not working to benefit schools, has gotten worse. Clearly brought out during pandemic when schools ran and DOE didn’t even show up to work. Everyone has relationships within school system but we have to wait and see where it goes. Concern is, they want to do thorough job, but we have to open in September. Many of us start planning a month ago, and it’s not happening. Will be very strange end of school year. 

Majority of people brought in by Banks not from DOE. Want to solidify early childhood program. Need to do something with curriculum. Do we want one standardized? No, but nor do we want a thousand. Speaks of children have career pathway, but we also need to build an awareness. Civics important to mayor and chancellor. We train 50 HS people a year to do civics. DOE does nothing. It’s about we’re on this planet, in this city together, and responsible for one another. We support these things.

Special ed will be big issue. We’re at 22% and everyone else is at 14. We’re at a mandate-based system. We need teams of intervention people who need to be able to work with kids instead of doing paperwork. There has to be help aside from referrals. Some services not supplied anyway.

There are deputy chancellors doing thorough job, but they don’t have much time. Asked they not do social-emotional screening for spring, but they made an 18 million contract. 48 dropdown question menu flagged kids for help, and no help came. Why do it again since first time didn’t work? Has to do with contract. This is wasted money. Will see what happens.

Calendar going back and forth. Asked to make virtual parent conferences permanent. Schools saw four to five times more parents. This is engagements. Elementary schools like to combine conferences. We asked to make that standard. Calendar will help with SBOs. Will be very tight. If we can’t do a snow day, they have to pay us to set up classrooms. SBOs will be done with election buddy.

Summer school same as last year. If you want to spend that much time and money, you should market it and bring kids in. This is not field of dreams. We will do process and posting. Some like the class sizes.

Class size--Working with city council. When we get back we will get really loud about this. Will not be pretty. We have room. We had room once we started measuring. You want to make school system attractive? Lower class size and safe schools is what parents want. If we want parents to place kids in schools why not give it to them?

We need to look at discipline code. We’re 2,000 safety agents down. Schools with three thousand students shouldn’t have three safety agents. Some schools can’t set up a safe corridor because we don’t have the agents. Yesterday we had to do it with NYPD. We need right personnel and training. 

CL hub–approaching 50%. We want feedback. We’ve gotten praise on this. We have springtime stipends, membership numbers, place to upload consultation notes. Take a look at that. Will be push on COPE when we return to support tier 6 issue.

Negotiating committee–Thanks them. Have gathered surveys. Feedback sending to company we work with. Makes sure questions are objective. Will get out to every member.

Thanks delegation for what we’ve been through this year. First

 day this year was very tense. No idea what would happen with everyone in building again. Mayor played games with policies for own future. Now we’re in transition and there’s another wave. Remember January 3rd. Was most tense of entire year. Numbers going up but schools still safest place. As long as variants are less severe, fewer hospitalizations now, but think of all stress we’ve bee
n through. DOE has not been helpful

We moved forward and are now one day away from spring break. Happy we’ve been able to increase member assistance program, with members getting therapy. Testament to all of you that you go in and keep people calm as best you can. We keep children safe despite challenges. You have kept system going, not DOE. We’ve been on our own for almost two and a half years. Have a great time, be safe, and be careful. 44 days when we get back. We want to be super strong in September. Have a blessed Easter, Passover and take care of yourselves.

LeRoy Barr–Elections underway. Ballots went out Friday. Gold envelope. Please vote right away. Remind them to cast ballots. Count May 10. May 14 5K run Coney Island. Spring Conference May 21 NY Hilton. Next DA May 25. Happy Passover, Easter.


Q–special ed. recovery–Will it continue in September?

A–We understand children with special needs suffered more, We want to help children, not create a compliance system. Some schools really did work, and if we can do it, we want to. We need to help children deal with issues, instead of having them sit in Tweed and do reports. We could use help rather than hindrance. I go to meetings where people tell me it’s supposed to be about children, but fight to make sure kids don’t get services. 

Q–Tier 6–There were five proposals. What were other three? What are next steps.

A–Will report on this at next DA. Cut down % people pay over career. Session not over. This will take us a few years. We have to get it done. Tier four finished a year before people could retire. Want to do it sooner.

Q–Union victories at Amazon and Starbucks. Exciting. There is a resolution. Have there been convos about how to support them?

A–They had their plan and wouldn’t let anyone influence them. They acted like a union. We will approach them, but not tell them what to do. We will offer help if they want it. They did something no one else could do yet. Quite impressed.

Q–Negotiation re last day of school. When will teachers know if chancellor’s day is remote?

A–Have not gotten response yet. Under normal calendar would not be scheduled. Have to figure out technicalities. 

Q–Can we use vacation days for 683?

A–As far as I’m concerned, arbitration says whenever you wish. Go use it. 

Q–When will 683 dates be confirmed.

A–Hoping for week when we return. DOE going back and forth with each other. Need to give people time to do things.

Q–Principal said her way or no way for SBO. Can we fight that?

A–Make sure she can only have contractual positions and no others. Dean up to a thousand, a programmer, that’s about it. If you won’t entertain SBOs, we won’t either. That’s not collaborative. My way or the highway? For school of Hospitality and Tourism? 

Q–Mayor has been talking about dyslexia. Wants to screen all. Only doctors can do it. Will teachers be required?

A–You aren’t trained to do it. Mayor passionate about it because he is dyslexic. There should be literacy development screening and if there is a problem we go to next step. Dyslexia can be diagnosed in different ways, but only by trained people. Of course we should check early, but I can’t screen for this. We need to do it correctly.

Q–Wants to thank DR Myra Cruz who helps me as first year CL.


Meredith Saladis–this month–Resolution of UFT expectations of new chancellor, not spend on bureaucracy, redirect money from Tweed to schools. NYSED and DOE should have system of student expectations, lobby for smaller class sizes,  listen to teachers. 

629 yes 108 no  online  passes

Anna Wanay–next month–DOE implementing mosaic curriculum K-8. Doesn’t include AAPI. None at elementary level. We need education as tool against racism. Resolution–UFT support inclusion of AAPI in DOE curriculum, and state legislation to support it. 

708 yes 47 no online passes

Amy Bernstein–next month–Improve tier 6, 51K UFT on it, would like to keep it going. UFT and other unions will campaign for improvements and enhanced benefits. 

Peter Lamphere–Moves to extend motion period for ten minutes. 

Point of inquiry–? Can there be a motion placed while motion is already happening?

A–Can be in this case.

391 yes 435 no online–I cannot hear what room count is, ever.

Motion does not carry. 

Tier 6 reso vote–

668 yes 63 no  online  passes

Point of information–Can’t hear inside totals

Mulgrew–Needs to repeat them 186-7 last one.  

Tomorrow night Listen up the reality is–Members will speak. Mayor had asked to come, but got sick. Chancellor, Regents, City Council coming, will listen. Will stream live on FB, be taped. Tired of others saying what schools need. Should talk to us.


Janella Hinds–In support of resolution to eliminate distributive scoring in HS Regents exams. Passed on in 2017. At that time, were told it was important for fair secure scoring. This policy separates NYC from all schools in state, charter and Catholic schools all score in own schools. Would like alignment with rest of state. Written with Michael Schirtzer. Asks for your support. 

Question called. 

589 yes 39 no online 169 yes 6 no inside  

Resolution vote–

606 yes 53 no online 182 yes 1 no inside 93% yes passes

Raphael Thompkin–Resolution to commemorate 9/11 in NYC public schools with moment of silence. Our admin denied this on Monday the 13th. Law doesn’t speak to off days. In 2022 falls on Sunday. We also need developmentally appropriate curriculum. Smaller of 9/11 memorial museums in danger of closing. Museums took big hit from pandemic. Asks for support. 

Seth Gilman–Rises in support. Teaching for 19 years, was 9/11 first responder when working with police. At 22 you don’t think about death much, but we lost colleagues. Important to teach our kids about. Patrick Lynch said it’s been a generation. Working police tell me it’s important to teach students who hadn’t been born then. 2,000 people went to work that day and didn’t come back. Over 500 first responders have now passed. Must be marked whether on weekend or not. I will teach about this as long as I can breathe.

You have survivor guilt sometimes. I taught this remotely. Student said he was glad I didn’t die so he could have me as teacher. Please support. 

Pat Crispino–calls question.

647 yes 17 no online 172 yes 6 no in room 97%

Resolution vote–

658 yes 43 no online  168 yes 5 no  95% passes

?–Motion to suspend automatic adjournment until we can vote on third item or 6:05. 

Mulgrew–Once we start debate, we usually finish. We will finish it.  

Greg Monte–Supports resolution, talked for two years about how we were on front lines. We were not alone. Would like to recognize SRPs now. 

Rashad Brown–Supports. Important to celebrate all who support our students. Asks paras to stand. Thanks nurses, counselors. 

?–Also rises in support. Loves SRPs in school. Fearless, bold courageous when teachers and subs were not there. Help struggling students. Thankless job at times. We need to stand up because of these countless acts of courage. Asks all to stand and applaud them. 

Dermot Myrie–In opposition, is show vote, can’t make amendment.  Urges body to ask for raise instead of accolades.

Point of order–He is out of order.

Mulgrew–Has right to speak against.

Question called.

515 yes 42 no online 163 yes 5 no inside 94%

Resolution vote. 

520 yes 39 no online 160 yes 8 no inside 94% passes.

Mulgrew thanks us, says take time and relax. 6:05


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