UK unis affirm commitment to high quality TNE

A report published by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Universities UK International, and GuildHE found that universities want a system where a program of TNE activities and resources was complemented by an in-country review schedule.

“There is a commitment among universities, sector bodies and overseas partners to work together”

Over 95% of respondents to an extensive consultation about the future of TNE  agreed that any system should retain a UK-wide approach.

Around 60% supported a program of in-country activity to enhance the quality of TNE.

Responses also indicated that there is a ‘deep commitment’ to the future of UK TNE among universities, and ‘strong pride’ in the way in which UK higher education and UK TNE is respected and valued around the world.

Alistair Fitt, chair of the joint UUKi/GuildHE/QAA Working Group on the Quality Assurance of TNE and vice-chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, said it is very positive to see widespread support for a UK-wide approach.

“There is a commitment among universities, sector bodies and overseas partners to work together to enhance the quality of UK higher education which will ultimately benefit transnational students and their local communities,” he added.

David Llewellyn, chair of GuildHE and vice-chancellor of Harper Adams University added that UK higher education has a positive impact on students around the world and makes a substantial contribution to the international reputation of the UK.

“As we all work through the longer-term implications of the current crisis, it will be important to continue to enhance the quality of the student experience wherever UK higher education is delivered.”

Following extensive feedback on the consultation, QAA is to develop a new method to protect and enhance the quality of UK TNE.

QAA will consult on a new review method later this year and will launch a program of in-country enhancement activity in 2021.

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