UKCISA picks first cohort for international student ambassador program

Launched in 2019, the program aims to connect international students to an “exciting network” of emerging global talents and future leaders through their experience studying in the UK.

“It was a very competitive process, so huge congratulations to all those who have been selected”

The first cohort of 10 students come from countries spanning the globe, including India, Botswana, Germany, US, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Nigeria and China.

The scheme is part of UKCISA’s wider #WeAreInternational campaign which aims to promote the value of international students on UK campuses.

“I’m delighted to announce that our #WeAreInternational Student Ambassadors program is now underway,” said UKCISA chief executive, Anne-Marie Graham.

“It was a very competitive process, so huge congratulations to all those who have been selected for the program.

“UKCISA is leading the development of a new chapter for the award-winning #WeAreInternational campaign, broadening the campaign’s reach and celebrating international students from schools, colleges, universities and study abroad programs.”

Graham explained that the program aims to empower international students to be key partners in shaping a quality student experience so that they can use their knowledge of studying in the UK to influence policy and lead the #WeAreInternational campaign.

Student ambassadors include Abdullah Umar Zulaidi who is currently a second-year student at Newcastle University pursuing an undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics and Yunyan Li, a second-year PhD student in Social Policy at the University of Bristol.

“I’m thrilled to introduce you to our first cohort of #WeAreInternational Student Ambassadors,” she said.

“These inspirational students have demonstrated great determination and drive to develop their own skills by representing their peers, and are passionate about ensuring that the lived experience of international students is understood by policymakers at national and institutional level.”

A full list of student profiles can be seen here.

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