The Ontario-based institution said that the deal with Air Canada will help students travel to the country to begin their “educational journey” at the institution. 

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership that helps our students travel to Canada”

Under current pandemic restrictions, international students can enrol and travel to Canada, as long as they hold a study permit. The University of Windsor is a Designated Learning Institution with an approved Covid-19 readiness plan.

Travellers also require a negative Covid-19 test.

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership that helps our students travel to Canada, especially given the changing international travel landscape,” said Chris Busch, UWindsor associate vice-president for enrolment management. 

“Co-operation between the University of Windsor and Air Canada will facilitate the flight booking process while offering exclusive promotional rates for our students as they start their educational journey.”

The University of Windsor said that it will email details of the agreement and how to book qualifying flights to its international students.

Air Canada currently serves more than 200 airports on six continents. Under current rules, incoming travellers have to quarantine for 14 days even if they do not have symptoms. 

Recently Canada has been taking steps to attract international students into the country, and to encourage them to become permanent residents. 

The Canadian government announced a policy for former international students with post-graduation work permits to apply for open work permits in a bid to retain talent as it seeks more international graduates to become permanent residents.

As part of the plan, individuals who hold or held a PGWP on or after January 30 will have the opportunity to apply for an open work permit lasting an additional 1.5 years.

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